EST. 2012

Via Turkey
Submitted by Alican Aysın

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So, what do you think?

  1. Hanny Says:

    Dear Mr.Alican Aysin,why you wearing Mr.Melihcan Ozturk’s tweed blazer?

    Oversize and Over your size are different things.

  2. Alex Says:

    I just can’t believe this, are you serious?? Even if you have to shop secondhand you can look better than this!

  3. Alican Aysın Says:

    Actually, Melihcan is my cousin and no problem..Hey alex, are u sure who understand about combination or clothing? Im curious..

  4. Thomas Says:

    I like it. The sport-coat could be a better fit, but overall it isn’t a bad look. Ditching the abundance of baubles adorning your wrist would be my recommendation.

  5. Rafael Says:

    I like this match! Your color choice is great, I think.

  6. giorgio Says:

    No for the blazer size and the yellow cardigan. also why all these baubles on your wrist? just a watch would be enough

  7. Nathaniel Says:

    I want to say somethin! I love harmony, between yellow cardigan and your blue tie.

  8. M Says:

    Well, at least you’re not using a collar pin on your button down :)

  9. steven Says:

    Im sorry, this is overdone and incoherent. The blazer is way too shape to it underneath the top coat..The bottom button on the jacket is buttoned cardigan picks up nothing in the outfit, so it sticks out like a sore thumb..the multiple beads thing is being overdone these days and he does it here..I really want to like the outfit overall because he really went for it.. but sad to say it just does not work. Dont even get me started on the gloves in the chest pocket feature.. but on a brighter note, like the overcoat though..

  10. Brotha Says:

    Bracelets galore and gloves in breast pocket? Sprezzzzzzzz all the way! :D
    The jacket is too boxy (undo bottom button FFS!), collar of the shirt is not wide enough to accommodate the tie, shade of yellow is too bright to look OK with the rest and it kinda jumps out.

  11. RAFab Says:

    This is messy as hell… I do like certain pieces, but overall too big and all over the place; I have seen this dude better dressed than this.

  12. Marco Says:

    Alex is a troll on this site, pay no attention to him.

  13. Alex Says:

    @Alican Aysın
    Yes I’m serious…

    not trolling..

  14. Marco Says:

    @ Alex, yes you are. You’ve been trolling on this site for a while, your posts are garbage and full of inane, destructive, and utterly useless drivel. You are incapable of contributing anything useful, and you’re probably just a fat moron in his mother’s basement, envious of everybody who does contribute something positive here.

  15. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    @ MARCO…..IM not trying to interject but you do realize they’re ppl on this site w same name right? i noticed on another post where both “Alex’s” commented. Maybe this 1 in this post isn’t the same as the 1 who left comments in past.

  16. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    also this guy in pic is very FASHIONABLE.
    But i think most ppl on this site are going for STYLE.
    FASHION is full of trends & fads that come & go every 6 months so the fashion industry can generate $.
    STYLE is about actually dressing well, following certain rules/standards & expressing individuality with a degree of taste & refinement.
    when i look at old pics of myself years from now, I want to think STYLISH, not FASHIONABLE.

  17. xi dong Says:

    he is homeless? if not, how the heck is he carrying every piece of clothes he ever possessed

  18. Christian Says:

    get a tailor.

  19. Muarrem Says:

    First of all wanna say you know what is colour dance each other , i can see that and congratulations Mr. Alican
    And im just curious about persons style that who wrote bad comments and really want to see their style !
    Show us guys come on ! It’s not about whose things here on trashness or where did u take picture !
    It is all about what did you wear ..

  20. Diego Says:

    @ xi dong, hahaha!

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