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You don’t have to go to Florence to dress like at Pitti Uomo :)
Submitted by Secondhand Dandy

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So, what do you think?

  1. Ilikebums Says:

    I pitti you all.. It’s a pitti you got it all wrong. IMO it’s pitti awful.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The Insane Clown Posse.

  3. Nate Says:

    Sorry man, I normally like your stuff, but this is cringe.

    Glad you’re having fun though!

  4. noCountry4FreeMan Says:

    Are you a pop band? Oh dear!

  5. Geco Says:

    What a collection of absolute tools

  6. Brotha Says:

    Hahahaha, that’s just pathetic…

  7. Passerby Says:


  8. Jay Says:

    Where to start on this…..

  9. Thomas Says:

    Sad to see there’s only four gentlemen in Wroclaw.

  10. JJ Says:

    Actually, they are 5.
    Well, everything has been said i think.

  11. Thomas Says:

    Might be a good place to meet some chicks then.

  12. Brotha Says:

    To all critics above: you are just jealous of style, sophistication and taste for fine things in life that Mr Secondhand D and his bunch proudly present to us. That clearly shows that you are narrow-minded and captious!


  13. Thomas Says:

    SHD knows his stuff, better dressed than 99% of the other posters.

  14. Nate Says:

    @Thomas. Agreed. But you must admit this smacks of try-hard-ism

  15. Secondhand Dandy Says:

    I thought that hate-style of coments is common for a Polish side of the internet. Today i know I was totally wrong.

    I’m not aa enemy of presenting opinions publicly, but there is just one standard that must be kept under any circumstances: the value of opinion. The valuable opinion is one, that might help the person to understand how to improve his activity, re-arrange his way of thinking and, maybe, change his approach. Sorry, but a comments containing words like “pathetic” cannot by any means be categorised as constructive criticism and the freedom of speech is not a justification for such an insultive language.

    We tried to prove, that being in Poland does not have to mean wearing boring clothes (Due to decades of comunism, we were deprived not only of good standards in men’s style, but also the right to be different than others, but it is changing rapidly over last few years) Trying too hard? Maybe yes, but that is the essence of Pitti Uomo – to be flashy, to be recognised, to be a little flamboyant! Some of my guys admit, that maybe some of the choices were wrong, but if they hadn’t tried them in action, they wouldn’t be able to know they were bad. We were surprised how good this initiative was recepted in our country and probably it will be a start for something brand new. Future will tell.

    To sum up, I thank all of the guys who can express their disagreement without using words, that do not flatter with internet’s – but still – gentleman way of living :)

  16. Pat Says:

    Secondhand Dandy – LOL. Get criticism with dignity

  17. Brotha Says:

    Looks like I was pointed at as this bad guy who committed terrible crime against humanity using word “pathetic”, while “clown” and “tool” are being OK. :D
    @Mr Secondhand Dandy: I don’t mind where you are from or what you are trying to prove. If you your/your friends outfit looks poor you can’t expect praise. Period.
    This communism history, rebirth, pride, showing off, etc thing you mention is just a poor attempt at sending us on a guilt trip. Self-victimization and whinnying isn’t an attitude of a gentleman, ya know… ;)

  18. Brotha Says:


  19. franco Says:


    I cannot agree more with what was said above. I used to visit trashness and find inspiration but now I have to admit that I come here to have a bit of fun.

    Pitti is already an abusive demonstration of colors, patterns and artificial sprezz.
    Trying to copy this pathetic circus is even more pathetic.

  20. noCountry4FreeMan Says:

    Your biggest mistake is that you try to cope others and try to match fabrics and colours that do not match. It’s imperative to follow some basic rules when you want to present a combination..

  21. Secondhand Dandy Says:

    I admit, and so my colleagues, that it’s not the level we’re aiming for. But everything has to start somewhere and the best way to improve is to try. It is quite common, that the ones, that put a lot effort in writing very long and unconstructive comments, do not put equal effort in showing the others how should it be done. Coincidence? I don’t think so :)

    I am not victimize myself, I just try to show you the context of such activity, because not everything can be seen from just the photos.

    Have a nice day :)

  22. MoPhatNewYork Says:

    @SecondHand Dandy

    It’s an excellent show of creativity and color using mostly classic garments. Most here even if they had the desire to be creative they wouldn’t have the courage to display it. I can assure you that your efforts are appreciated and admired by many. I say, keep it up. Bravo

  23. Lasse Ellingsen Says:

    Not my cup of tea. But keep it up! :)

  24. Style Council Says:

    If you breakdown each outfit, some are better than others. So far you guys combined have about 3* rating. We’ve certainly seen a lot worse, that said, the negative criticism is not founded, in my opinion. In fact, I particularly like the Prussian Blue sports jacket outfit. I actually give you guys 5* for risk-taking and thinking outside the box.

  25. Nick Says:

    What the hell, it looks like your having fun, its all that matters.

  26. krzysztof Says:

    That’s bizarre what this SHD lad says.
    What communism?!!!
    He was born in the 90-ties when the reds had been done and out for a couple of years.
    I’m old enough to remember.
    And, guys, as to the colours of the streets, don’t you think that the streets are too colourful? Bloody pinkish-purplish kaleidoscope mess. Modesty and taste is what makes the gentleman, deal with it.

  27. JJ Says:

    SCD is obviously talking about the result of communism, not about living in communistic country, lol. And he is right about it. Anyway, they missed the point. Some of those outfits are better, some are worst, but in general i think, that they deserve 3. Well, its not that bad, is it?

  28. Avi Says:

    I have to say that you do usually have nice looks but this is kind of “odd” to put it lightly. Even in these pics you happen to look well dressed but the guy with the green pants and the other guy with the red jacket and camo socks really make me dislike the picture. I think next time youd be better off leaving them out

  29. 123 Says:

    whats with all the hate lol >?

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