EST. 2012

Submitted by Secondhand Dandy

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So, what do you think?

  1. Shawn Says:

    You always seem to have the best looks Secondhand Dandy. Do everything your wear really is thrifted? Is that a cuff on denims, though? Unusual!

  2. Nate Says:

    Same outfit as yesterday, but I won’t mark you down for that ;-) Some nice accessories added, to be fair.

    @Shawn I quite often cuff my jeans

  3. Shawn Says:

    I frequently roll the hem of my jeans, but hemming a cuff, never seen it!

  4. Bespoke Says:

    Liking this, simple but on point!

  5. Secondhand Dandy Says:

    @Shawn: Thank you for ypur kind words, that does really mean a lot to me! All of omy looks include things found in a thrift shops. Sometimes those are all vintage everything sets, and sometimes I mix old ones with a brand new elements in my closet. You have noticed it right, this is a cuff on denim pants. The legs were too long in these ones, so I decided to stand out a little and turn the extra fabric into the cuff. I think the result is pretty nice :)

    @Nate, Bespoke: Thank you for your kindness and support!

  6. Thomas Says:

    SHD crushing it again! Usually I’ll take points off for wearing denim but, since they’re not uber skinny fit and you did something interesting by cuffing them I’ll let it slide. lol.

  7. Diego Says:

    Top half: Very nice top coat. Colour palette and interaction of textures are on point. The nice scarf serves as an interesting focal point to the outfit.
    Bottom half: The shoes are too formal to be worn with denim. Capped toe oxfords should only be worn with more formal fabrics. Brogue wingtip boots would have been my choice of footwear for this outfit.
    Small details: Your shoe laces should go through the eyelets in a horizontal manner. Save the crossed way for when you wear running shoes. Never cuff jeans. Ever.
    Accessories: That handbag is just awesome, perfect size and it compliments the outfit’s colour palette.

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