EST. 2012

Everything I am wearing in this photo is either thrifted, or e-thrifted (eBay)

Vintage leather jacket – Unknown – $12.50
Vintage Harris tweed sport coat – Harold’s by John Cupp – $5.00
Cable knit sweater vest – Lyle and Scott – $5.00
Bowtie – Bows-n-ties – Won in a contest
Corduroy pants – Levi’s – $22.00 (eBay)
Woven leather loafers – Johnston & Murphy – $4.00
Submitted by Adam

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So, what do you think?

  1. Thomas Says:

    @Adam, I see what you’re going for here and I like it. My only recommendation would be to lose the bowtie as it doesn’t work with the rest of your look.

    Excellent job thrifting, you’ve got a good eye for nice items. Hope you’ll post more.

  2. Nate Says:

    RIDICULOUSLY good value outfit, well done. Have to agree with Thomas though, some of the items don’t quite go together. Don’t necessarily think you need to lose the bowtie though. You could lose the leather, and swap the shoes for some penny loafers, and it would work just fine. Good stuff.

  3. Thomas Says:

    Nate, this outfit could take several directions- ditch the bowtie and he’s “Dirty Harry meets Starsky & Hutch” type detective. Remove the leather and he’s full on Ivy League. Swap the v-neck for a turtle-neck, the leather for a mackintosh and the loafers for some desert boots and it’s Steve McQueen as Frank Bullitt.

  4. Adam Says:

    Both good points, fellas.
    Thomas, I sort of agree with you on the bowtie, but I feel like it could work both ways. I was sort of going for a “College professor meets detective” kind of look, and when I put it together, I felt like the bowtie added to the outfit. The day before, I might have not added it. I have a rather eccentric style that doesn’t usually stay the same every day. I would (and already have) worn all the different outfit suggestions you mentioned, almost to a tee.

    Nate, thank you for the kind words! Again, all valid points.

    I have been meaning to post pictures since I first found this blog, but I always forget. I have literally seen every single page of outfits on this blog, but before yesterday have continued to stalk instead of just participate. Here’s to hoping I get around to posting some more!

  5. Thomas Says:

    Adam, you should post the pic of you on the bike.

  6. Adam Says:

    As you wish, Thomas! Getting ready to submit it now.

  7. Sherlock Says:

    Two words spring to mind… wolly and plonker

  8. Chrys Says:

    @Adam, I can understand what you were going for but I would make a few adjustments although I do appreciate some of your vintage finds.

    I like the tweed jacket, but it’s a bit too big for your frame. It’s always a good idea to select a jacket that fits well and that also compliments your body type. Not sure if your tweed jacket has elbow patches, but if it does that would add character and the “professor” part to your outfit. I would do away with the leather jacket. Although it’s a vintage find, it really does not work with the rest of the outfit and the era from which the leather jacket is from does not match the rest of the pieces.

  9. Chrys Says:

    Since you were also going for a “detective look” choose a coat that is longer than the tweed jacket. The longer coat will pull the whole outfit together (preferable a vintage gabardine trench coat), but a coat isn’t really necessary for the look overall especially if your tweed jacket has elbow patches.

  10. Chrys Says:

    Sorry, for some reason the blog is not letting me post the rest of my feedback, I’ll try again later.

  11. Adam Says:

    Chrys, thank you for the feedback. Although, I have to disagree about the tweed jacket being too large. After all, you can’t even see half of it, how can you tell if it doesn’t fit? Also, it (unfortunately) does not have leather elbow patches.

    Like I said before, I have a rather eccentric style and one day I will dress like this, and another day I will dress way differently. Your suggestions are all good ones though.

    As for “Sherlock”, I must admit that I had to look those “insults” up in the interwebs. Not completely sure how they apply whatsoever.

  12. Chrys Says:

    Adam, you’re welcome.

    I can see that it’s a bit too big by the way it drapes in the front (trained eye). Too bad that it doesn’t have elbow patches as it could have been a stand alone piece. I do appreciate your eccentricity, but make it worth your while by choosing pieces that represent your style and suit your frame at the same time.

  13. Jack Says:

    I think it looks lovely Adam, amazing outfit, i dont know how you found all those well fitting garments at a low price, genius :)

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