EST. 2012

spring look
Submitted by CARL GBINSSEY

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So, what do you think?

  1. Diego Says:

    I can see those pants and the rope belt working well at the beach. With flip-flops (the thong kind) and a light linen shirt.

  2. Thomas Says:

    One word- OHHELLNO!!!

  3. Billybob Says:

    Get a belt, get a belt, get a belt. Get rid of the shoes, get rid of the shoes, get rid of the shoes.

  4. xi dong Says:

    hahaha another “fashion designer”!

  5. Carl G Says:

    Good point Diego, i like to do that ! This unconditional outfit was made to break rules and push the limit of the creativity for By the way billybob the rope belt is a belt, but thank you for your opinion .

  6. Giampi Says:

    I like the belt!!!

  7. The Royal Says:

    You know what else a rope can be used for?

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