EST. 2012

Vintage Vest and Jacket
Tom Ford Shirt
Bruun & Stengade Knit Tie
Submitted by Mike N

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So, what do you think?

  1. Timothy Says:

    I like the suit, but can’t warm up to the shirt/ tie/ ps combo. Too many dominant colours and patterns I think. A little too sporty for the 3 piece charcoal suit and would probably work better with a tan/ light brown summer cotton suit IMO.
    Perhaps a more subtle shirt and a different coloured pocket square would do the trick.

  2. xi dong Says:

    nice suit

  3. Rick Says:

    Great look but maybe better with a plain white shirt

  4. Shawn Says:

    Damn that suit and waistcoat are nice! Nice vintage finds!

  5. Thomas Says:

    Wrong shirt for a 3pc. suit.

  6. Monsieur Says:

    Nice suit but the outfit seems too loud for me…a darker tie and a white shirt would improve it greatly (from my point of view)

  7. Mike N. Says:

    I wasn’t sure about the sure, but I actually don’t mind it. And it’s actually just the jacket and waist coat. It didn’t come with any pants. Thanks for the suggestions and comments!

  8. maerten Says:

    That pocket square is really nice.. where did you get it?

  9. Nate Says:

    It’s the shirt that’s not working for me. Is it the collar size? The pattern making it look too casual? Not sure. But apart from that, looks good. Love everything else.

  10. Diego Says:

    I like everything here. The shirt gives this otherwise vintage suit a touch of modern Italian flair.

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