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texture/pattern mixing

texture:pattern mixing layering layer winter

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So, what do you think?

  1. Fem Says:

    Nice and simple

  2. marius Says:

    That vest …I want one!. Who makes it?

  3. Wieczorek Says:

    Great look, but source ist the problem. It’s from, not the site you linked. Dan does great job, why not give him credit then?

  4. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    A bit much.
    At a certain point you’re not really trying to create a coherent outfit, you’re just trying to see how many different kinds of material/patterns you can wear in 1 outfit.
    All pieces are great individually but the whole is LESS than the sum of its parts in this case.

  5. Thomas Says:

    I agree with Marco, the shirt tie combo doesn’t work. It’s a beautiful jacket though.

  6. Pete Hutchins Says:

    Marco your right paring pattern on pattern is to complicated it should be in personal opinion plain paired with pattern

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