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Tailored on 7th Ave

Tailored on 7th Ave

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So, what do you think?

  1. Diego Says:

    Simple, stylish and impeccable!

  2. Bespoke Says:

    Bang on and timeless at the same time!

  3. Unxpekted Says:

    I think this is all suit supply minus the tie, I think even the pocket square is suit. I saw one that color. Club master frames.

  4. MoPhat Says:

    The belt loops on his trousers look lonely. Love the suit and fit. I’m not sure I like the look without a belt. I’m wondering if anyone else agrees?

  5. Bespoke Says:

    Agree, a suit without a belt to me is incomplete….still a great look overall

  6. Nate Says:

    It just shows that his trousers fit him correctly!

  7. Aron Says:

    Anyone know what line the suit from suitsupply is?

  8. amin Says:

    Not needing a belt is lovely in every way, I agree with Nate.

  9. Mergko Says:

    It’s the Havana grey herringbone from Suit Supply

  10. Alan Says:

    Tie is just a tad too long as the back hangs lower than the front, but otherwise looks neat and stylish. Being able to get away in a suit without a belt gets an extra plus mark. As a lawyer with a coat and tie dress code for work I wear suits de rigor and go without a belt around trousers nearly everyday, but it is not an easy look to pull off.

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