EST. 2012

At a dinnerparty in San Marino.
Submitted by Kristo

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So, what do you think?

  1. Thomas Says:

    Amazing! Excellent choice.

    “I’d wear that”

  2. cam Says:

    Hey bro I’m sure your little brother is at home crying right now thinking someone straight stole his blazer homie

  3. noCountry4FreeMan Says:

    I have to agree with cam. It’s too short and ruins the analogies. As a concept, yes I like it!

  4. mike Says:

    cuffs on the pants are a bit strong and the blazer is definitely way too chopped. definitely on the overaccessorizing side…but it’s not that bad. your jacket doesnt HAVE to cover all your butt if you want a cropped look…but this is way too short. close, but not great.

  5. arif Says:

    beautiful outfit/view…!!!

  6. Dirty_Dave Says:

    Definitely a summer look. Nice

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