EST. 2012

Finally summer!!

Submitted by GeJGi

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So, what do you think?

  1. Name Says:

    Pls, stop post this ugly sh*t…

  2. GeJGe Says:

    ARE YOU SERIOUS???????????????

  3. Name Says:

    Sorry, but Yes.
    Do you see your ratings?

  4. Ge J Gi Says:

    So??that meens that I can’t post?i don’t think so!
    that is your opinion

  5. Baba Says:

    No offense dude, but your outfits are garbage, and when I say garbage I mean complete trash.
    Your pants are always too skinny to suit your body body and your shirts and blazers are bland at best. You CONSISTENTLY get 2/5 start ratings – Why are you wasting people’s time dude? Just stop and try to get attention somewhere else.

    No offense

  6. noCountry4FreeMan Says:

    Well you should point out to the person in a more polite manner your opinion, rather than talking crap. Gamise tous, toys malakes !

  7. GeJGe Says:

    BABA : I can not understand HOW SOME PEOPLE ARE SO immature and offensive and no one speaks YOUR OPINION dude i WRITE it TO my balls.I will keep posting and if you dont like what you see,just dont see it.

    and YES “noCountry4FreeMan” : ” Gamise tous, toys malakes “

  8. Annonymous Says:

    Why do you always look down?
    If you’re going to dress like a
    gentleman, act like it with
    confidence. You’re a front otherwise.

  9. Baba Says:

    Guys, I can see your problem with what I said if it was only my opinion, however you can go back and check GeJGi’s outfit ratings (those stars at the bottom of the picture) and you CONSISTENTLY get 2/5 starts – that means MOST people think your outfits are no good. So use your brain dude. People are not liking what youre posting. You’re like those REALLY BAD singers on American Idol, you should give up but you just dont get it ……

  10. GeJGi Says:

    There is a big clique here.i just realize it

  11. Baba Says:

    Dude, what are you saying. It’s the Internet – no one knows each other, it’s random people ALL OVER THE WORLD who vote on outfits an make a comment. Just because we don’t like your outfits so you have to cry like a baby?

    Do you actually look at the pictures other people post? Because it seems like you don’t.

  12. Kino Says:

    “No offense” baba, but you sound like an absolute dick. The guy is dressing for himself, wearing what he wants to wear, it’s his style. There is absolutely no need for your level of hostility.

    @GeGJi keep doing what your doing man, every right to post here just like everyone else. I like your style you do your own thing

  13. GeJGi Says:

    Thank you “Kino”

  14. Mr. Red Says:

    Keep on posting !!!

  15. Mr. Red Says:

    Great look keep up the god work!

TRASHNESS (est. 2012) // Boekweitstraat 62 - 2153ES - Nieuw-Vennep

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