EST. 2012

navy suit, blue/ yellow hidde
n button down shirt, blue/ gold skull suspenders, white linen square, lavender lapel flower, navy/ purple tie, caramel tassel loafers with self made vintage patina
Submitted by Timothy

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So, what do you think?

  1. Nate Says:

    Love what you’ve done with those shoes. Is it just working black boot polish in and buffing it off?

  2. Timothy Says:

    Thank you Nate. It’s basically the same thing I did with the burgundy boots in the last post. Only here it’s the whole shoe and not just the tip. Plus it’s a little harder because you’re not using black and the second you apply too much pressure buffing, you remove the cream/ wax. Try applying shoe cream in a contrasting colour by daubing it on the shoe, let it set, then brush lightly. Once you like the degree of coloration start doing the same with wax (I used a combo of blue and green) and then eventually start with your mirror shine as usual and be sure not to wipe it all off again. This part is toughest. Then from wear the polish will break at the creases and evenly wear off pretty soon and leave you with a nice vintage look.

  3. Nate Says:

    Looks great. May give it a go. Thanks.

  4. Thomas Says:


  5. Jake Says:

    Great loafers with an even better finish. Your attire and fit is always aces.

  6. Bespoke Says:

    I love your style Timothy but im not a fan of the shirt here..I think a nice plain shirt in white or soft pastel would have been the option that I would personally go for…but then again,im probably not that adventurous with shirts. Great fit and lovely shoes as always!

  7. Chrys Says:

    Nice outfit overall. I agree with Bespoke, a plain white shirt would work a bit better and I would select a dark red & white patterned tie (perhaps small white dots). I would keep the pocket square. Even though the shoes are not of my personal preference, they do work well with your outfit. Providing you wear a white shirt, I would select a pair of blue socks (same colour blue as your socks) with a hint of yellow detail. I would leave out the skull suspenders as they take away from the overall look by adding too much blue.

  8. ididyourmotherraw^^^ Says:


  9. ididyourmotherraw^^^ Says:

    Question: how do you clean scum off a navy suit more particularly pants? For yesterday, while i was doing somebody’s mother raw i accidentally jizzed all over my prince of wales slacks.

  10. philisiwe thabethe Says:

    i like you style you remind me my father keep it up lovely dress code

  11. Marius Says:

    As I said before, you are the best dressed man posting on this blog. Your style is flawless..

  12. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    Great look Timothy. I wouldda gone for a plain shirt myself. Love the shoes and socks combo. FIVE.

  13. Timothy Says:

    Thank you all very much for your feedback! :)

    A plain white shirt would certainly look great with that tie but I looked out the window yesterday morning and felt the urge to play with some colours and was surprisingly pleased with the ‘freshness’ added by the shirt.

    @Bespoke, unfortunately I have no solid pastel shirts (yet) but that would definitely have been very nice too, thank you!

    @Chrys, thank you for your tips. Would definitely look good, a little CBD though. You suggest navy socks with a bit of yellow and a white shirt with no suspenders but without the suspenders and shirt there would be no yellow for the socks to pick up on… (well, there’s that and the problem that I don’t own any nice socks with some yellow^^)

    Thank you very much Marius, Amirbabak, Philisiwe, Thomas and Jakeā€¦ you too ididyourmotherraw, may I suggest you have somebody else’s mother clean your slacks.

  14. Chrys Says:

    @Timothy, the blue/yellow socks would add a slight accent of color to the outfit – even if it would be a little CBD with a white shirt. Shirt and socks don’t have to necessary pick up each other’s colour all the time. But the shirt you have on still works as well. Looking forward to more of your posts.

  15. Sherlock Says:

    Shirt, tie, ps, shoes, all good to me. It’s your style, you wear it well. Great fit btw, no one has mentioned that. Really like what you’ve done with your shoes and lapel flower.

  16. Morgan Says:

    Great Mustache

  17. Thomas Says:

    Timothy, try this-

  18. Filip Says:

    Despite moustache which are too dandy (but it is only my opinion! not a criticism) I LOVE THAT SET

  19. Timothy Says:

    @Sherlock, Morgan and Filip, Thank you guy.

    @Thomas, wow, quite a read. I will take the time to go through all that on the weekend. Thank you for the help!

    @Chrys, Yes, I can definitely see navy & yellow socks working well with a white shirt and the tie I’m wearing in the picture (even without any other yellow in the outfit) but not so much with a red tie w/ white dots. Unless of course you meant it differently than I understood. Then again, many roads lead to Rome :)

  20. Edward Says:

    Timothy, i have to ask where you got that tie? its sharp.

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