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Some quick points

Dear Folks,

We’d like to note some quick points regarding the Trashness Blog.

1 All submits
From now on, all the new posts you’ll see on our blog are submitted by fans and followers. You’ve submitted a lot of pics lately, and the amount is growing superhard! This brings us the unique opportunity to create this little platform, where all the content is exclusive and personal. If you feel tasteful some day, go ahead and grab a camera, and submit a high quality photo to us. If we like it, we’ll publish it to our audience here. Ugly photo’s get trashed, we don’t wanna fame things that aren’t trashness-worthy.

2 Ratings
From now on you’ll be able to rate each post. Since we introduced ratings last night, you guys have rated over 750 times. Rate low or high as much posts as you want. It’ll help the community to submit more tasteful pics! And we track whether you have already rated a post to keep the system fair.

3 Bugfixes

There was a little bug. Previously, the URL you entered in on the submit page was linked incorrectly, this is fixed. We’ve also fixed some other small bugs, but if you have any suggestions just shoot us an email.


Trashness Team


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So, what do you think?

  1. Diego Says:

    The new Ratings feature was a great idea. Well done guys!

  2. Youri Says:

    Blij dat het gelukt is met de URL bug. Keep it up guys.

  3. Thomas Says:

    Sounds good! Thanks for hosting us all!

  4. Scott Says:

    I wondered why the content had gone so far down hill. You used to have well dressed men every day, now it’s rare to see someone who can even tie their tie correctly.

    The vast majority of posts are so amateurish and “my first day wearing a jacket”. I won’t be using trashness for fashion inspiration any more. I’m already better dressed than these plebs.

  5. Hanny Says:

    Congrats Scott,now it is the time you leave Trashness,good luck.

  6. Steven Seagull Says:

    A lot of submissions but not an update in the last 24 hours

  7. Peter Says:

    I’m afraid that I’m with Scott. It’s been apparent for a while that Trashness has morphed from a collection of thoughtfully curated images of stylishly dressed men, to a platform for self-promotion by users of the site. The unfortunate consequence of that transition is that the quality of the outfits that are featured, and consequently the utility of Trashness as source of inspiration, have seriously declined. So I’ll be looking elsewhere. But thanks for the memories (and the archived material!) and good luck with the new direction.

  8. Raph Says:

    I agree with Scott and Peter : Trashness posts are not as good today as they were a while ago.
    However I do think that this blog can still be very interesting :
    - Quality is going to improve. If from now on, the Trashness team filters the submits (*” If we like it, we’ll publish it”) the quality of the outfits can become decent again ;
    - Amateurish outfits ARE useful. If they’re not too many, they can help many people (and not only beginners) grow their sense of style, as u get the opportunity to quickly identify common mistakes and express what is wrong in an outfit. Most athletes must practice basics movements very often to get them perfect : I believe it’s the same for style. If you see 300 amateurish bad collars, you can still learn o lot from it if you want to. It can also create very interesting debates.
    So I will personnally keep on following Trashness.

  9. giorgio Says:

    Everybody expressed their feelings about the site. Is it time though to suggest what would you like to see more rather than just criticise? Personally, I would like a video by a tailor explaining for example what kind of suit to wear or not depending on your body structure. Constructive tutorials and then ask from the readers to post their photos and then we all can comment. Thanks!

  10. Alex Says:

    I’m gone to, (already was for a month or so) good luck with the direction you have chosen. I have nothing to learn here anymore. Or mabey it should be how NOT to dress….

  11. Khaye Says:

    Hi there, I thought I went to the wrong site when I saw picture quality and dress sense gone wrong. But maybe team you must not necessarily throw them pictures away. Instead use them as an example of how NOT to dress. That way, for the posters they’ll have an opportunity to ‘learn’. Thanks

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