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shiny rollie


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So, what do you think?

  1. JASMINA Says:

    Nice :)!I like very much the combination of the elegant Rolex watch with a casual bracelet.Makes me think of a man that is serious,but also funny.
    It’s my first time on this blog.Many greetings from Slovenia…

  2. Sidd Says:

    Firstly, cool blog, I like it a lot!

    Secondly, I hate to burst your bubble, but i’m 99% sure that’s a fake Rollie. The Datejust doesn’t have a turning bezel, and the Datejust that Rolex made that DOES have one (the Turn-o-graph), never had a bezel that looked like that. The original had a smooth black bezel, and the updated version had a fluted bezel with the numbers.
    It would say ‘Turn-o-graph’ on the dial.

    Not hating on the style, just thought I’d point it out

  3. Simon Says:

    It is a real Rolex. A turnograph ref 16264. It has been a discontinued model for a few years now.

  4. Sidd Says:

    My deepest apologies, I stand corrected. The batons and minute track just looked a bit weird, and all the other turnographs of this reference that i’ve seen have a railroad minute track with tiny Roman Numerals.

    Regardless, my apologies once more. Nice watch. :)

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