EST. 2012

2013-09-17-22.58.03-900x1600Reiss Portofino Suit
TM lewin Fully Fitted shirt
Tie Rack Tie
Montblanc Silver Cufflinks

Submitted by King BMG

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So, what do you think?

  1. Nate Says:

    You’re not even looking at your phone! ;-) lol

    I would say this suit looks a bit snug. You’ve obviously got quite bulky shoulders.

    The shirt doesn’t seem to fit either. Marco will be able to tell us why.

    Could do with a pocket square too.

    Trousers seem to fit well though. Lovely tie too, and I like how much shirt cuff you’re showing. What shoes have you got on?

  2. Aron Says:

    Great look!!!!
    Only thing I would change is throw on a tie that contrasts the shirt a little more. You’re beautiful tie is getting swallowed because the color is too similar to that of the shirt.

  3. amin Says:

    Like it. Especially the slightly-too-tight European fit.
    The tie is from another planet, but to each his own.

  4. cam Says:

    Yo homie that pocket square went from bulimic to full on anorexic. I guess it’s all about baby steps out here bro

  5. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    suit is very stylized/close fit. but its not “too tight” in technical terms. this is how these suits are designed to fit. Reese is know to be super stylized & produce close cut suits, which i differ from SLIM fit. i break them into 3 major categories CLOSE, SLIM, TRADITIONAL.

    I call it CLOSE cut because (without being cheeky) this is as close a cut as you can get BEFORE you start seeing fabric pulls & even rips from bending and moving normally.

    his hands actually fit in pants pockets. there isn’t an pulling/wrinkles basically anywhere in pants or jacket. shirt wrinkles are result of posture in pic. and are mostly vertical which makes sense because half his body is slumped. HORIZONTAL pulling lines are tell tale sign of something being too tight.

    @ Nate……could shoulders maybe be let out a tiny bit? would suit look better in a slightly more generous cut?…… .Yes and yes. but that doesn’t mean this current cut is incorrect. its just not for everyone. but hey neither are braces, ascots, pleated pants, etc.

    don’t get me wrong I’m NOT saying this is how more guys should wear there fits.

    my own personal fit is just a little more loose in shirt & jackets but that because I want the freedom of full range of motion even with jacket on. but just because i favor a close – slim fit doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of others in well constructed TRADITIONAL fits.

  6. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    sorry for the above essay guys…lol. i could’ve found a way to say it more concisely.

  7. Diego Says:

    That suit deserves a proper tie.

  8. Thomas Says:

    Very nice suit but I would have gone with a white shirt. That’s a whole lotta blue going on there. A pocket square would have been good.

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