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umbrella rain style lookbook dark navy
My criteria when picking this outfit were that I wanted something classy, warm and very comfortable. I used dark colors because of the rainy weather. I chose to wear a blazer and tie to accomplish classy and warm with that. The material of the blazer is very soft wool like material hence very comfortable and warm. The patches on the elbow of the blazer made it more casual and cool. It was perfect for this kind of day!
Submitted by Royal Fashionist

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So, what do you think?

  1. T. Brown Says:

    Don’t like the blue shirt… Just personal taste. The rest doesn’t look too shabby but solid royal/dark blue shirts never look good imo.

  2. Vato Says:

    Glad to see you got some new shoes, much better than the ones you wore with a suit. The pants and shoes I like but the top half seems off. I agree the dark shirt just doesn’t work here, despite the rain I think a lighter color shirt would have worked, you have an umbrella man (which looks cheap BTW) you have nothing to worry about. Knot on tie looks too big for the collar, I know the width of the tie matches the lapels, jacket seems big at the shoulders, need to shorten the sleeves. Last but not least if you wanted to achieve a warm classy look you could have worn a wool or cotton tie, silk doesn’t work with the outfit, these are my opinions.

  3. MoPhatNYC Says:

    What do I think…? I think the Trashness audience is a pretty tough crowd. Lol – I clearly see what you’re attempting to do here. Relaxed and classy. I think you could have easily accomplished the look you wanted without the tie. I personally don’t like dark colored shirts under blazers. I read your blog over at royalfashionist and I think it’s very well done, so I know you have the resources to do better. Keep it up!

  4. K2 Says:

    @MoPhatNYC – LOL, yes, Vato’s comments are particularly picky. “Cheap umbrella”? Damn right its cheap. I wouldnt want to spend more than $15 on an umbrella. End up losing half of them anyways… Who cares, its an umbrella.

  5. mike Says:

    yeah some people here are picky, but it is usually correct criticism. jacket is comically short and sleeves are long. once he takes the jacket off the shirt and pants are going to create a bit-too-close-color combo that won’t flatter him as well.

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