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So, what do you think?

  1. Hikeshi Says:

    This individual needs a decent hair cut and a shave to really complete his ensemble. I do not understand why young Japanese men feel the need to look greasy and unshaven like this. It diminishes the sophistication of their look. Perhaps they feel that this is their “thing” or sprezzatura, but it detracts from their presence, it just looks “cheesy”. He has done an excellent job of color combination, fit and proportion otherwise.

  2. Hikeshi Says:

    Oh, except for the white athletic socks in the third photo.

  3. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    @ Hikeshi………..I say this RESPECTFULLY, this blog is about Mens CLOTHING. Judging guys facial hair is just kind of weird in this context. This isn’t a modeling blog or what YOU PERSONALLY like/are attracted to. Critique/Complement the clothes fit, color, fabric selection, anything other than facial hair & other non essential things. This blog is pretty awesome and I’d personally not like to see it devolve into something where all the commenters are just catty and dont give insightful opinions.

  4. Sherlock Says:

    Well said.

  5. Bespoke Says:

    Totally agree with marcoTHEtailor……

  6. Hikeshi Says:

    Dear Marco, I would beg to respectfully disagree. This blog is not solely about clothing, it would appear to be about the showcasing of excellence, execution, and sophistication in personal style. Thats why I like it. The term Gentleman seems to permeate examples here quite often, and I would argue, that grooming is just as important as the appropriate watch, shoes, tie color, pocket square and clothing fit, to a Gentleman’s appearance. I am not the only individual bemoaning the decline in personal grooming habits that are plaguing the appearance of young men who lay claim to being well dressed and stylish “Gentlemen”. I can only but voice my frustration with this trend. Just like the demise of casual fridays, it is my hope the proliferation of artisan barber shops and straight razors will continue. Maybe next time I will just say “like it” like a thousand other useless accolades I see in comment sections on other blogs… but, I don’t think so. Oh and Marco, the white athletic socks are still weak. Cheers.

  7. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    Well, finally we agree……the socks are definitely weak. Cheers.

  8. tp Says:

    speaker: Be honest and straightforward
    listener: open-mind, and don’t take it so seriously.

  9. Bespoke Says:

    Grooming is personal, just like clothing, therefore, if someone likes their beard or hair in certain style and think it looks good, then let it be. For example, some people hate the bed head look with hair but I have seen many carry it off well with a suit. But opinions will always be there on these types of style blogs, , just try not to over knock and individuals appearance, especially hair etc as it’s very personal ;)

  10. Bespoke Says:


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