EST. 2012

Jacket by Thom Browne, Shirt and Tie by Read Wall and Watch by Timex
Submitted by Eric Nguyen

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So, what do you think?

  1. Eric Nguyen Says:

  2. Thomas Says:

    Nope. This is a FAIL of EPIC PROPORTIONS. ALL of this is WRONG. Nobody cares about Thom Browne anymore and the watch strap is too “just in-case you didn’t notice my SPREZZY Thom Browne blazer”. The tie has no relationship to anything you are wearing. Horrible.

  3. Dit Says:

    Nice matching dude! The double four seems about on point too.

  4. Brotha Says:

    It’s just too much! It screams: “Look at me” in vulgar, obnoxious way imo.
    Not a good taste, I’m afraid.

  5. Nate Says:

    Thomas, you are a savage critic! Unfortunately for this guy, you are usually right…

  6. RAFab Says:


    Love the comments, but as Nate said, you guys are right on point. As I have mentioned before, bad combo, though individually I think these are nice items.

  7. Thomas Says:

    @Nate, I know but sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Anyone that pairs a TB blazer with a TB RW & B watch band deserves a good telling off!

  8. K2 Says:

    I have TB pieces and personally NEVER sport/ display the signature inner lining. Its almost abusive to the audience and is a “played out” feature IMO. Although, I still very much like many TB pieces. This outfit is screaming for attention and looking for love in all the wrong places…

  9. Diego Says:

    I like the tie.

  10. Neak Says:

    I AM NOT A FAN OF THIS OUTFIT, however, thom browne is not played out or irrelevant. The pairing with the watch is a little obnoxious. However, you who think Thom Browne is no longer relevant in menswear are clearly mistaken.

  11. Kev Says:

    I dig it. The tie only needs to be related to dopeness and it is.

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