EST. 2012

hello everyone! this is my second submit. tell me what do you think.

blazer // BALTMAN
trousers // BALTMAN
shirt // SANGAR
tie // MONTON
shoes // COXX-BORBA
Submitted by Kristjan

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So, what do you think?

  1. Thomas Says:

    The blazer is awesome! Overall a great look. Only thing I’d change is the shoes and the suspenders. Check out some split toe Norwegian bluchers by Alden. For the belt, a color canvas D ring would look great with your outfit.

  2. Timothy Says:

    I liked your last post better. You’re definitely on the right track, but I feel you have to tone it down a notch.
    Just like in your last post, there are a few things that are too coordinated and would look better if you went a simpler route. Here for example I think there are too many colours. For one I’m not sure how well the red trousers, suspenders, socks and laces match up in real life and even if they do I feel it’s too much at once.
    Perhaps white or navy laces or navy trousers with red suspenders and laces might do well…
    Keep posting, I look forward to it.

  3. ididyourmotherraw^^^ Says:

    oh look a rainbow!

TRASHNESS (est. 2012) // Boekweitstraat 62 - 2153ES - Nieuw-Vennep

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