EST. 2012

Very classic outfit featuring royal blue linen double breasted jacket and grey worsted wool trousers. On top of that the centrepiece – Prince of Wales check tie.
Submitted by Blueloafers

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So, what do you think?

  1. SeattleFresh Says:

    I see that Blue Soho DB from Suitsupply pretty often. Solid jacket.

  2. Thomas Says:

    No belt loops on pants, are there not suspender buttons sewn on the inside?

    Overall a great look.

  3. xi dong Says:

    Where did you that pants? I need a pair

  4. maerten Says:

    Love the soft collar (Y)!

  5. Blueloafers Says:

    @SeattleFresh: Yes, it is a great jacket. Not only the db breasted model but the colour is great too
    @Thomas: No, unfortunately I forgot to include them in my order therefore had to go for clip braces – it is more like an Italian look this way.
    @xi: The trousers are made to measure by Luxire.
    @maerten: Yes, soft collar not only looks great but it is very comfortable as well

  6. Timothy Says:

    Looks good! Love the waistband on those trousers! Still I’d have buttons sewn inside (I can’t stand clip ons).
    Very nice jacket too.

  7. Billybob Says:

    I’m not a fan of double breasted but this looks good on you and it’s a beautiful colour. I like it all overall but have to agree with the others on those clip braces.

  8. Blueloafers Says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. I’d prefer to have buttons as well. Just wanted to try the italian (neapolitan) way of wearing braces.

    @Billybob: thanks, I also think double breasted jackets look good on most people

  9. Kevin Says:

    Great job – very cool with clip-ons – buttons would look like your trying to hard!

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