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Submitted by PLZTK

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So, what do you think?

  1. Christian Says:

    I like to come here to see beautiful fabrics and tailored clothing. This just looks cheap. Sorry.

  2. Tolstroy Says:

    Lol. Wow @Christian. Do elaborate, please, otherwise you might just seem purely mean.

  3. Steven Says:

    I think the picture does no favors for the outfit..Aesthetically it looks off and way too tight..the button stance is too high, there is a lot of bunching at the arms and more than a lot of bunching at the waist even though he has his hands in his pocket..the pocket square and tie have no correlation what so ever..there is no roll to the button down either..there is more to elaborate on but do not want to beat a dead horse..a very trendy look that could be better..

  4. Christian Says:

    I wasn’t trying to be mean whatsoever. And I think Steven summed it up very well. The jacket looks like its from H&M.

  5. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    bad fit.
    more importantly though, BAD MATERIALS.
    outfit looks cheap, not INEXPENSIVE, just cheap.
    sleeves, ribs should be let out a bit.
    are those cargo pants??? if so, not the best choice for overall slim, sleek look (which is what i gather he’s going for).

  6. Thomas Says:

    I’d wear the tie.

    The rest of the outfit is an insult to everyone that wears clothes. It doesn’t FIT, at all.

    The shriveled suit is OUT my friend.

    Are those Doc Marten wingtips? BLECH!

  7. PLZTK Says:

    Wow so many ‘ouches’. I got it when @Steve and @marcoTHEtailor highlighted it all. The rest of the mean mob seems to be going on all over the place. If men were to approach dressing like men, the first step I guess is going through the unmanly. I just don’t get it do we discourage people who want to look well or ridicule until everyone stops trying anything at all? And i didn’t even expect this to be published. Maybe this is what this site is all about. To the men of harsh truths, thank you. And the rest, I braved your horde.

  8. Tolstroy Says:

    So tell me PLZTK, just to see if these guys are correct, is that an H&M jacket or similar cheap fashion? I’m not trying to drag this out, would just like to know if when I’m reading this blog that I’m reading comments from persons who generally know what they are talking about. I am, I admit, not one of those persons — I recently started reading this blog to learn. So are those Dr Marten wingtips or the like? And generally, how did you feel about the outfit then and what do you feel now? What would you do different today if anything?

  9. Jayse Church Says:

    I think @marcoThetailor is the only pundit trying to offer any genuine help at all. The rest just give opinion and personal preference. @PLZTK just be you and experiment

  10. Steven Says:

    thats what this blog is for.. the secondary utlity may be to provide help.. but it seems the primary function is to expose people’s style’s to others to inspire and critique.. we are all adults here.. nobody needs to hold our hands and walk us through the park..(peeps get all butt hurt on this site)..jeeze..

  11. xi dong Says:

    how does he look cheap? please explain

  12. Thomas Says:

    “And i didn’t even expect this to be published”

    So you submitted a pic because… ?

    I imagine people share pics because they think their outfit is so cool it needs to be shared OR because they want some advice.

    Are there other reasons for submitting that I’m unaware of?

  13. Christian Says:

    xi dong- scroll up

  14. Mike Says:

    While this may not be a pseudo-rich boy look that some of the pseuds here are striving for I think this look works.
    Its’ kinda punky / new wave / mod and a good look for a skinny dude.
    I’m a big fan of Airwair / Solovair treaded shoes and like a big clompy shoe matched with nice tweeds or suiting.
    Wierd thing to say about the tie and pocket square not correlating?! Do some of the people here get their understanding of fashion / style by memorising GQ rules?

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