EST. 2012

Shades of grey in Florence (pt/2)
Submitted by Ottavio Simonetti

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So, what do you think?

  1. Thomas Says:

    All previous statements aside. The fit is excellent and it’s a beautiful fabric used for the suit.

    My only critiques~ Redo your tie so I don’t have to see the tag telling me where it’s made. The hat would be fine in a different color (just my preference). Carry a more masculine umbrella in future.

  2. Feryll Says:

    1. Learn to tie a tie. 2. That umbrella is ugly.

  3. Dualleh Says:

    I like this alot! You can see that the pants fit perfectly. No belts or suspenders:) Color combo is great tie is great too! Love the print to bad not tied well:( To bad about the hat color is way off! outher then that very dandy look man:)) keep it up!

  4. Diego Says:

    I wish those shoes were a pair of heavy brogues or distressed Officine Creatives. I like the contrast the tie and socks create against the grey.

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