EST. 2012

Shades of grey in Florence.
Submitted by Ottavio Simonetti

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So, what do you think?

  1. Roger Schooneveld Says:

    shave off the beard

  2. Thomas Says:

    “Sir, the Poirot Convention is NEXT weekend.”

  3. Bobbito Says:

    Hope this is a joke – a Rabbi trying too hard?
    Lose the watch chain, trim the beard, tie the tie correctly and get back to us & …..maybe….we’ll forgive the burgundy hat

  4. Otto Says:


    Hi Mr. Bobbito! I’m very curious to see a pic of You!

    Best regards,

    Ottavio Simonetti, aka “The Joke”

  5. cam Says:

    Proof the homie Bozo the Clown got laid 30 years ago. Bro here at Pitti reppin for his pops. Straight fire

  6. fee Says:

    i tend to think he’s very dapper. not everyone can pull this look off, but he seems to effortlessly. Very different…

  7. Junior Says:

    I’m really sorry, but the beard just looks like he got his pubic hair stuck to his chin. But overall, I like the outfit. The suit looks great, and I don’t mind the tie at all. Good job sir.

  8. Nate Says:

    Ok, so I don’t love the facial hair, and the hat seems a bit try-hard, but the basic outfit is actually really nice.

  9. Oscar Says:

    Fashion meets circus…..2 centuries ago

  10. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    fit is not slim…..its just tight.

    horizontal pull lines running up & down shirt on both sides of the tie. needs to add an 1″ to chest/shirt msrmts.

    shoulders are good but sleeves too narrow (for that fabric).

    elaborate ps. very creative. almost looks like a white rose in your breast pocket.

  11. Mike Says:

    Jihadi Hercule Poirrot

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