EST. 2012

A warmer day
Submitted by Edwin

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So, what do you think?

  1. Thomas Says:

    1. Your scarf is not an ascot/cravat. You’re not re-inventing anything by doing it wrong.
    2. Wrong choice of watch. You’re not dressed for sports.
    3. Wrong choice of pants. Unless you’re trying to be a stylish truck driver?

    Sad, the rest of it looks good.

  2. Edwin Says:

    Well, Thomas:
    1. I was wearing the scarf as a scarf not as an ascot, even if it`s under the collar. It`s just for outdoors.
    2. So you can`t wear a sports watch on a casual outfit? and same for 3, you can`t wear jeans on ca casual outfit?
    I see that you can`t wrap your head around the mix of sports and elegant but this is dressing down a blazer or a shirt and dressng up a pair of jeans.

  3. Nate Says:

    Got no problem with the jeans, but the scarf is all wrong. Whatever you say, you are trying to wear it like a cravat. Or that’s how it looks anyway. The rest looks good. I like the shoes.

  4. Thomas Says:

    It’s called constructive criticism, if you like I can give ypu the fluff job you obviously came here for.

    Wow! I like how you paired such a sporty watch with a dressy navy blazer! The jeans are quite daring too. I’d never think to wear a scarf as a cravat, sprezzy! Totally amazing.

  5. BC Says:

    What Thomas said plus… bright yellow? Really?

  6. Edwin Says:

    Thanks a lot Thomas! That’s what i was looking for!
    Now really, i know what constructive criticism is. I didn’t say you were neither wrong or right. I just asked you if there is a problem in dressing somnething up or down. I didn’t mean to offend you and i see you know what sprezzatura is, so thanks a lot again.

    As for BC? Bright yellow? What’s the problem?

    Ps: i don’t see any pics of you here

  7. BC Says:

    Subtlety is one of the traits of a well dressed man. And it is quite difficult to be subtle wearing bright yellow. This surely is not one of those rare cases.

  8. Diego Says:

    Here’s my constructive… the colour and texture of that scarf looks good up against the white shirt, dark blazer and yellow ps. Just wear it over the collar next time. Lose the matching yellow socks, they make you look like you’re trying too hard. You have a lot of choice here, you can go with dark green, blue or even a muted red for the socks. Don’t mind the jeans just as long as they’re kept on the slim side. I love the blazer, what brand is that? The shoes are not bad, I would personally wear a pair of distressed plain toe bluchers with an all around storm welt and leather soles to compliment the scarf flair. Ok, I’m done.

  9. Thomas Says:

    @Edwin, no offense taken or intended. I look forward to seeing more submissions from you in the future.

  10. Edwin Says:

    BC, subtelty is not always the case.
    The clashing of the navy blazer and jeans with the yellow details was the point.
    The blazer is from h&m.


  11. Cam Says:

    Damn bro, that’s a monsterous knot you got on that tie homie

  12. Edwin Says:

    It`s called the european loop :))

  13. Timothy Says:

    Won’t get into the watch, scarf, denim debate.
    But that socks + pocket square is trying way too hard as Diego mentioned.
    If you wanted to match it, you’d probably do better with a PS that has just a little pit of the same colour in it as the socks, rather than a solid silk square… plus I’m really not a fan of this silk TV fold with no edges in this instance. But that could just be my personal opinion.

  14. Sherlock Says:


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