EST. 2012

Glasses – Ace & Tate
Navy Blazer – H&M
OCBD Striped Shirt – Trashness
Anchor Belt – Trashness
Grey Trousers – Unkown
Shoes – All Star
Submitted by Maarten

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So, what do you think?

  1. Theodore Says:

    That blazer looks too small. And the shoes…

  2. K2 Says:

    I LOVE the idea behind this, but the blazer is too short/small IMO. If you are going to do chucks with dress pants, I personally would only do leather, just so i can ensure they are extremely clean and white. When dirty, they will deteriorate your overall look.

  3. Dr. StrangeLove Says:

    Man! This is the same look as always…We get the picture of what you like. I do not: Jacket is too short and it seems that it cannot be buttoned, and the whole look is not “fresh” enough to wear chucks (or any other sneakers)

  4. Big D Says:

    Just terrible…….à truly awful look……again!!!

TRASHNESS (est. 2012) // Boekweitstraat 62 - 2153ES - Nieuw-Vennep

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