EST. 2012

This should make it easier to judge fit. I’ll figure out how to get them side by side eventually:)

navy suit, rust/ grey tie, shirt w/ blue mini check, burgundy double monks
Submitted by Timothy

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So, what do you think?

  1. PeterdH Says:

    Bit hard too see this way, but the shoulders might be slightly too wide. Chest seems too roomy, given the way the fabric folds. Upper legs might be too wide as well, but difficult to see. I’d never wear a belt with a vest (opt for suspenders instead, otherwise it gets too fussy), but that’s just my taste. However, overall great look. Four stars in my book.

  2. Timothy Says:

    Thank you. You’re right about the chest, but I’m happy with the shoulders.
    This brand fits me better than any other OTR. Sleeves are perfect, overall length is just the way I like it and the cut has a very slimming profile without making me look like I forced myself into some skinny Dior suit.

    With this suit I decided to give their MTM line a shot. Mainly so I could choose my fabric and get a vest.
    Because their OTR fits me close to perfect but is perhaps a little on the snug side I decided to give the shoulders and the chest a wee bit extra. Big mistake. I’m afraid to say that they messed up the shoulders a little. Not sure if much can be done here:-/

    I’m also not sure why I’m wearing a belt, I did have buttons sewn inside the waistband for a reason. If they offered it, I would’ve chosen a higher rise with fish tail back and side adjusters. Unfortunately the only ones who seem to offer that here are either full bespoke or asian produced manufacturers. One being to cheap, the other to expensive for my taste and means.

  3. Thomas Says:

    Can’t see much as the pic is too dark but, the silhouette looks good. Hope you’ll post more pics, maybe take some in the daylight next time.

  4. Roger Schooneveld Says:

    what brands are the items?

  5. Timothy Says:

    Yes, daylight pics would be better. Unfortunately the sun isn’t out when I head for work…. or when i get back at this time of the year.

    Suit is Pal Zileri MTM
    Tie is ‘Atelier F&B Genève’ – got it for 20 bucks on sale, quite fond of it
    PS is Kent Wang ‘Star Chart Cellarius – one of my favs, very versatile, use it a lot
    Cuff links also Kent Wang, they look like little all steel bar bells
    Shirt is Van Laack Royal

  6. Sherlock Says:

    Why say what shoes you have on of we can’t see them?

  7. Timothy Says:

    Just to give a general idea. I figured I would be curious as to wether the shoes are brown, black or whatever… Certainly including them in the picture would be ideal if I could.

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