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Navy herringbone jacket,green and blue striped shirt, brown spotted tie, PS, tan chinos, brown full brogues, lilac lapel flower… apologies for the bad close up and crooked tie^^
Submitted by Timothy

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So, what do you think?

  1. Bespoke Says:

    effortlessly stylish….good to have you back!

  2. Lasse Ellingsen Says:

    Perfect! 5 stars.

  3. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    5*. I was where have you been, Tim.
    Stay and inspire.

  4. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    *where you have been

  5. Sherlock Says:

    Mate good to have you back on here. This blog has really gone down the pan, makes a change to see some well assembled garb. However I’m a shoe and watch man, where are they ;)

  6. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    @sherlock Dude, Why do you think trashness blog has gone down the pan? Wouldn’t you say everyone posting and gettin’ a chance to be seen are the two factors that make trashness different from other blogs where you keep seeing posts of Nick Wooster and others. As a matter of fact, what I love about trashness is all the opportunity it arises for EVERYONE to enjoy showing his sense of style. Nice talking to you, bro.

  7. Timothy Says:

    Hello gentlemen, thank you very much for the warm welcome back:)
    @sherlock, I’m afraid I don’t wear a watch. The shoes are full brogues in two slightly different tones of brown (not spectators though) I’m sure if you type my name in the search, you’ll find a pic of them in an older post.
    @Amirbabak, I like that last suit you posted. Unfortunately I accidentally commented on it under ‘anonymous’.

  8. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    @Timothy Getting the complement from means
    a lot. I am flattered.

  9. Sherlock Says:

    @Amirbabak, you have a good point. It’s all about individuality and opinion. Each to there own, and if something isn’t particularly to your taste it doesn’t mean it’s bad, just different. And to be fair most who post are dressed better than 90% of most in society. Thanks pal.

  10. Bespoke Says:

    great pocket square, where is it from if you don’t mind me asking? you will get a watch soon and they are addictive as hell!!

  11. Timothy Says:

    Thank you Amirbabak, that’s very kind of you!

    @Bespoke: Certainly, it’s one of my favourite squares. It has so many very subdued colours in it, that makes it very versatile. I got it from Kent Wang: excellent value IMH
    Yeah, watches are great. But think of all the suits and accessories you can get for a decent watch^^

  12. Bespoke Says:

    wow, what an amazing pocket square and a great price too! Thanks for the link! :) Agreed about the watch….you could always go vintage…there is a good vintage watch shop in the UK called Parkers Jewellers…you can pick up a vintage Omega or Girard Perregaux for around £250. have a look around. a timeless, classic dress watch on leather will be very versatile. Just look at the guy from The Bespoke Dudes. I always think that you can tell a man from his shoes, wallet and timepiece. your outfits speak volumes, so imagine what a nice watch could add :)

  13. Timothy Says:

    You’re welcome. And thank you for the tip, I do like some of those old Omegas. Though I think I’ll continue going watchless for the time being:)
    I’ll just have to be sure not to let anyone see my Spongebob embroidered velcro wallet;)

  14. Bespoke Says:

    Hahaha! If I had the money, I would be all over Patek, Vacheron, Audemars, JLC and obviously a Sponge Bob wallet :) Thanks again for the link, pocket square ordered!! It looks very versatile, as you mentioned!

  15. Timothy Says:

    Excellent, I’m sure you’ll like it. Kent Wang has quite a few nice and reasonably priced items. Plus relatively low shipping fees for those among us who are in Europe.
    Yupp, wouldn’t say no to a Patek either

  16. marius Says:

    Again, I have to say you are one of the best from this blog. Congrats!

  17. Rutto Says:

    buy an iron

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