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This is my first submit on Trashness; I had a impromptu job interview so I had to throw an outfit together fast. If I had to change something, I’d choose another shirt because a crisp white shirt is too dressy for the smart casual look I was going for (the job I’m applying on doesn’t fit with the whole #menswear game and I would’ve looked like a tool wearing a sharp dressy suit). And I left the chest pocket bare intentionally to keep everything simple. Thank you!
Submitted by Shawn

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So, what do you think?

  1. boybritten Says:

    I like your blazer, nice buttons. Don’t like your battered shoes, they’re clearly very water damaged and have salt lines all over them. Please don’t wear a t-shirt under your shirt either. Trousers fit nice though :)

  2. Nate Says:

    I got this wrong on Thomas’s pic yesterday…but Harris Tweed am I right?? I like the leather buttons. It’s a nice jacket, and it fits pretty well considering you seem to be a “well built” guy.

    My immediate thoughts were exactly the same as BB’s – don’t want to see your t shirt poking through, and the water/salt stains on your shoes are a shame. Apart from that, looks good, if a bit plain.

    Look forward to future submits. I like that some of the regular commentors are posting now.

  3. Feryll Says:

    Not bad.
    Use a cleaning foam on your suede shoes.
    Do not ever let your undershirt show. I personally dislike wearing undershirts but if you feel like you have to I’d recommend wearing v-neck undershirts.

  4. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    How are doing Shawn. Good to see you on with your first post. I guess everyone said pretty much everything. It’s a lovely blazer and fits you just fine. I might have gone for different trousers say navy or dark green. Good post. Looking forward to seeing more of you.

  5. Timothy Says:

    Hey Shawn, nice to see everyone posting as of lately!!

    I really like the colours of your jacket, trousers and shoes (if they are in fact brown?) but imagine that a solid light blue shirt would have looked much nicer. IMO, blue shirts usually work nicer with browns and greens.
    Blue shirt and a nice subtle PS would be great, but you’re probably best off going without PS for an interview if you have nothing subtle.

  6. Shawn Says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments, you pretty much got everything right! I’ve been on the look out for v-neck undershirts lately but haven’t found any with a deep enough collar locally. Any suggestions? As for the chukka, yes they’re pretty salt stained, haven’t got around to buying a suede cleaning product yet. Jacket is indeed Harris Tweed, thrifted it for 10$ and is my best fitting thrift find so far (fitting my build ain’t easy but I’m coming to it).

  7. M Says:

    For what it’s worth, you never look like a tool if you know how to wear a suit…

  8. Mr Dan Says:

    Nice look, but definately you need a desalter for your shoes try tarrago de-salter and if you’re looking for v-necks try Polo Ralph Lauren, in my experience those are the best with a deep enough collar to unbutton 2 buttons

  9. Sherlock Says:

    The boys have said it all so all thats left for me to say is happy next post!

  10. poimandres Says:

    Never never use a t-sh under a shirt

  11. Mike Says:

    Shoe’s let down the whole look bruv – If you turn up for an interview with me and I see those shoes I’m gonna think if you don’t care enough to shine your shoes especially for an interview then how am I gonna trust you to do the job?
    And that’s the way chicks think as well – they check the shoes first (OK – they check your pay slip first!).

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