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norske gentlemen business outfit double breasted Lasse Ellingsen
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Submitted by Lasse Ellingsen

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So, what do you think?

  1. Bespoke Says:

    Great look again! Not sure if I would have went for a white shirt or maybe a lavender stripe to break up the solids. good colour choices. One of my favourite looks of yours so far :)

  2. Bespoke Says:

    *lavender stripe or check

  3. PlayingTheBlues Says:

    I must say, I like the casual impression this jacket gives. Normally I would not think the notched lapels and the round front on a DB, but this works surprisingly well.
    Good look alltogether.

  4. Late Rana Says:

    Gorgeous, you and the outfit.

  5. Geco Says:

    @Late Rana – 100% agree!! i’d LOVE to smash his back doors in :)

  6. hi Says:

    May I have more info on the fabric, look very nice !

  7. Lasse Ellingsen Says:

    Thank you all guys! Sorry Late Rana and Geco, but my backdoors are for exit only ;-)
    @hi – The fabric is s120 wool and the brand is Bertoni.

  8. hi Says:

    To be fair, this doesn’t look like a business outfit at all and to be honest, I don’t think you handle “business” (economics or w/e) with all the dressing up. (Because face it: these are not real looks you wear daily, these are looks you make to take pictures of). I do not mean to sound disrespectful, but this is the vibe that I get from all your submits.

  9. hi Says:

    thx for the info,

    btw, the “hi” above is different person from me :P

  10. hi Says:

    ^ That’s true. Sorry, I did not see your first message.

  11. Nate Says:

    @hi no.2 – I’m not sure why you and others make such assumptions about what people do and how they dress on a daily basis. If Lasse works in a less formal / more creative environment, then there would be nothing stopping him dressing like this “for business”. Don’t hate just because he looks good.

  12. Lasse Ellingsen Says:

    Hi “hi no.2″ I´m sorry but you are wrong.. I´m a sales manager so I have to dress appropriate every day. Normally I wear a suit, however on fridays I can skip the tie and be a little more casual. Regarding my previous submits, they are all about my personal style and how I dress on daily basis. They are not staged.

    Feel free to check out my blog where you can see more about how I dress every day:

  13. Dr. StrangeLove Says:

    @ Lasse

    What do you sell?

  14. Lasse Ellingsen Says:

    @Dr. StrangeLove
    I´ve been in the sales-business for some time. I was just offered a job as Sales Manager in a company where we sell stone. haha. I import granite- and composite-slabs from China and sell them as countertops to kitchen stores and real estates in my city. Establishing new business partners (like kitchen stores) is also a part of my job.

  15. Geco Says:

    @Lasse Ellingsen: Why are you so homophobic? How can you say that it’s exit only? Have you ever tried real man’s love?

    BTW I would be really gentle with you and would lick you like a lollipop… I can buy your stones as well if that can help. I’m pretty rich…

  16. Anonymous Says:


    Thank for the info. You must be the best dressed salesman there.

    I must say that the quality of materials in Norwegian houses are superb.

    @gay related commentaries….

    As you write silly stuff, at least be funny!

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