EST. 2012

monochrome lapo

monochrome lapo elkan
monochrome lapo stadion

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So, what do you think?

  1. giorgio Says:

    Awful, in any way you can think off. Please stop posting these kind of styles.

  2. Fem Says:

    Italiano D.O.C

  3. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    not to be a prick but monochrome literally means ONE solid color throughout. This is window pane plaid.

  4. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    Honestly some guys can pull this look off and most others can’t. Looks good on Lapo.

  5. 1 Says:


  6. Daryl Says:

    I’m italian and I know him… one word for this guy: clown

  7. Thomas Says:

    Daryl (and marcoTHEtailor) NAILED it. Lapo has ZERO style. Where did he get that suit? The clown surplus store??? Shouldn’t he be learning how to run FIAT or something? Seriously, the guy is an Italian male Paris Hilton. He’s famous for being famous.

  8. Alex Says:

    And I thought the guy with the Raf Simons sneakers from an earlier post looked silly…

  9. marius Says:

    Agree with Alex above. LOL

  10. xi dong Says:

    remember style is a personal matter….

  11. Ko Says:

    This is the worse dressed guy ever!!!!

  12. Giuseppe Says:

    Hey Bill! Where’s the comets?

  13. Mike Says:

    I like the plaid. Separately they would work – with a black bomber jacket or plain black trousers but together they are a bit OTT.

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