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A mirror shine may appear on every kind of shoe, even the budget Massimo Dutti ones ;)
Submitted by Secondhand Dandy

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So, what do you think?

  1. K2 Says:

    Cool post. Like this one.

  2. Secondhand Dandy Says:

    @K2: Thank you, sometimes it is nice to go beyond outfits and do something different ;)

  3. Mr. Red Says:

    Tell me more about that mirror finish!!!

  4. Mr. Red Says:

    And the way u got that shine!

  5. FRANZ Says:

    watch out to your trousers at the end of the job ;-))

  6. Diego Says:

    spit & shine – nice!

  7. Secondhand Dandy Says:

    @Mr Red – To put it shortly,there are certain steps, that enable to achieve such effect:

    1. Renovator – if you want to take out the previously applicated cosmetics from the leather; if polishing brand new ones, might be skipped
    2. Shoe grease – smoothes the leather and protects against the water
    3. Shoe cream – helps balancing the colour
    4. Hard and smooth paste one after another repeatedly, then one drop of water and silk pocket square or nylon tights – enables them to shine.

    If you want more detailed info, check out linked post on the blog, and translate it via google :)

    @FRANZ – That’s why white t-shirt appeared ;)

  8. Mr. Red Says:


  9. Timothy Says:

    A very refreshing post Seconhand!

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