EST. 2012

Man in Magenta
Submitted by LookSharpSpendSmart

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So, what do you think?

  1. XZXVXZ Says:

    So daring, yet subtle. Awesome look!!!

  2. Diego Says:

    The matching socks make this outfit look far from effortless. Brown shoes and belt would work better here. On the plus side, that’s a very nice suit and shirt.

  3. Bethlaham Says:

    Why should he bother trying to make it look effortless? Looking thoughtful, like a man that can take a moment to coordinate and pay attention to the details has its merits. Great outfit.

  4. Diego Says:

    @Bethlaham… Looking effortless to those who have great style comes with no bother at all. Having to take a moment to match your socks with your tie is trying too hard. This would have looked effortless had the socks been blue.

  5. Anita Says:

    @Diego: Am not sure about the blue socks tho. I think green will be more like it.

  6. Big D Says:

    I like this look…..get rid of the tieclip please

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