EST. 2012

Hugo Boss
Submitted by Corey Konsulis

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So, what do you think?

  1. Aron Says:

    Son beat Father! Still both solid looks

  2. Wieczorek Says:

    Great frames! Are those Persols?

  3. Bespoke Says:

    @Wieczoreck, I thought they were Oliver Peoples but you might be correct! I really like what the son is wearing, simple yet stylish! However, I usually prefer my sleeves a touch longer but still a great look!

  4. Corey Says:

    Thanks so much guys. The frames are Sinclair’s by Warby Parker. I’m actually about to order some Oliver Peoples. Do either of you have any experience with Matsuda frames?

  5. Stephen Says:

    Very clean! Good job!

  6. Wieczorek Says:

    No, Corey, but I heard some good opinions about Matsudas. Personally, I am a Persol fan from the minute I first put them on. If you haven’t already, you should try them!

  7. Corey Says:

    I’ve heard great things about Matsudas as well but haven’t been able to try them on personally. I will definitely look into Persol. It’s exciting to see different places making thoughtful eyewear.

  8. Bespoke Says:

    Haven’t tried Matsudas either but you will love Oliver Peoples! Where are your loafers from?

  9. Corey Says:

    @Bespoke Yeah my best friend swears by them (Oliver Peoples), I’ve just been dragging my feet in getting a pair. I need to just pull the trigger! The loafers are vintage Johnston & Murphy’s. They were in really good shape when I found them; just needed a shine!

  10. Bespoke Says:

    @Corey,thanks,they’re beautiful!yes,pull that trigger in OP frames,you won’t regret it!I look forward to future posts :)

  11. Bespoke Says:


TRASHNESS (est. 2012) // Boekweitstraat 62 - 2153ES - Nieuw-Vennep

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