EST. 2012

First submission! My favorite peach knit with a black tie bar.
Submitted by Nirmal S.

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So, what do you think?

  1. Bespoke Says:

    Nice colours but do that top button up young man! ;)

  2. Susan Says:


  3. Thomas Says:

    This looks like a stock photo for a cellular phone company.

  4. Nitya Says:

    Whoa,,, look he looks handsome!!!!!!

  5. Jahnvi Says:

    You sure look dashing!!!!!

  6. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    ^^^ WTF….this is turning into Instagram.

    Any thoughts on the ACTUAL CLOTHES???

    My 3 take aways:
    -Have a tailor take shoulders in a bit.
    -Looks better WITHOUT flower (way too big for a skinny lapel).
    -Try smaller shirt size. Collar looks a bit too big (i know top button is open but even if it was closed, still too big).

  7. Diego Says:

    Bring down the tie bar two inches.

  8. Christian Says:

    fit is awful. sleeves need to be taken in from the shoulder not the hem. like marco said collar too big as well as shoulders. tie bar has silly placement. colors are nice tho.

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