EST. 2012

Tried to reach into the Italian style with white cuffed trousers (H&M), unstructured jacket (Profuomo) and tassel loafers (, to feel like it’s holiday even without moving from my city.
Submitted by Haz

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So, what do you think?

  1. Nate Says:

    Yep, this is right up my street. Great look.

  2. Bespoke Says:

    Yes, yes and yes!! Bang on….A very stylish individual!

  3. MoPhatNYC Says:

    Yes, somehow this all works. I really like the blue shirt. It gives the look a bit more depth. However, can you really get decent clothing at H&M? I’m wondering if H&M in your part of the world has a better selection of clothing than what we have in New York?

  4. Haz Says:

    Thanks, guys!

    @MoPhatNYC – the Premium Quality line is quite OK, if you ask me – I own some shirts and trousers that I like and wear a lot. These trousers I bought around two years ago, cuffed them myself and wear occasionally; the cotton is thin, but for this amount of wear they’re experiencing they’re fine.

  5. Timothy Says:

    I like this too, 5*
    I suppose the creasing in the trousers is to be expected if the fabric is really thin

  6. Brotha Says:

    Really like it!

  7. Big D Says:

    OK loods good. Dont like the cheap looking jacket……and Please wear socks

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