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the forgotten jacket
Submitted by Antonio Jurado

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So, what do you think?

  1. Shawn Says:

    After the last submit (that what pretty good actually), I’m pretty dissappointed by this one. There’s so much wrong here that I don’t even feel like actually listing everything. I’m not even sure you’re reading those comments, anyway…

  2. PeterdH Says:

    Yup, jeggings again. We’ve should’ve placed a bet on that one.

  3. Thomas Says:

    First off, everytime pic this guy posts takes F O R E V E R to load on my phone.

    Secondly, why he alternates between a decent outfit and a shit outfit is anyones guess.

    He’s the poster child for narcissism, I think.

  4. Funkateer Says:

    Can this waistcoat be any shorter?!

  5. Diego Says:

    @Funkateer – Any shorter and he’ll be wearing a bra.

  6. Funkateer Says:

    @Diego – so he is wearing the notorious bracoat…good shit…

  7. Timothy Says:

    hahaha at Funkateer’s comment^^

  8. boybritten Says:

    @Thomas This guy has NEVER worn a decent outfit…..ever! Seriously, this guy is a joke. Sorry to be so rude but this website has gone from showing some seriously well dressed men like Nick Wooster etc and now all we see is guys trying but failing miserably (with the odd acception). Go back to your old ways Trashness!

  9. King BMG Says:

    He should have tagged it’How not to dress’.

  10. Nate Says:

    I like his tie!

    @boybritten – I disagree on several fronts. Nick Wooster isn’t well-dressed. He may have his own “style” or whatever, but most of the time I think he looks mildly ridiculous.

    Also, there are some really well-dressed guys on here! Sosa, Brandon, Wade, Second Hand Dandy, just to name a few.

    Let’s see your game BB!

  11. Feryll Says:

    I think this guy wants attention. He got it.
    This outfit (and almost all the others) is outrageous! Unfortunately not in a fashion forward way.
    It is pointless to tell this guy anything, he enjoys it.
    How can you accept a submission like this ?

  12. Davido Says:


  13. Mike Says:

    Another AJ fail. What is his Modus Operandi? Throw enough wierd shit on that there has to be a redeeming feature? Pocket square on a leather jacket?! Crap pocket suare on a leather jacket?!
    OMG – give this guy a subscription to GQ so he gets to know the basics before he starts tweaking the rules!

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