EST. 2012

a classic look with a touch of color
Submitted by Antonio Jurado

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So, what do you think?

  1. Alex Says:

    Like I said in an earlier comment on this guy; it’s getting silly now…

  2. Nate Says:

    I was looking at this thinking “yeah all good. Great colour combination with the jumper and jacket”. And then I scrolled down and saw the jeggings….

  3. urbanMunk Says:

    this guy is featured sometimes, but I get the sense that he tries too hard! Ugh! kinda cheese.

  4. K2 Says:

    LOL @ Alex’s comment….

  5. M Says:

    Lol Nate, jeggings, I laughed, hard. All these comments make me wonder how Well dressed you all are, submit some pics, guys! I know I will, soon…

  6. Thomas Says:

    JEGGINGS! Good one Nate! LOLZ.

  7. Thomas Says:

    And I wouldn’t google his name (Antonio Jurado Fernandez)if I was you. “MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!”

  8. xi dong Says:

    that guy! lml

  9. Christian Says:

    Bloody hell! We call those pajama jeans.

  10. Nate Says:

    @Thomas Ahahaha! OBV I had to google him. Wish I hadn’t. In work.

    @M I do intend to submit some pics, as soon as I get a decent quality camera. Just need to prepare myself for the stinging wrath of the forum! You’re right though….easy to be an armchair critic. But still….jeggings….

  11. Alex Says:

    @Thomas and Nate,
    Google is your best friend, but in this case im not sure…

  12. Riliewu Says:

    the back. Perfect for running arunod with a slim pencil silhouette. This is eerily similar to the maternity pencil skirt tutorial I made way back when I was pregnant, but it’s not doubled up and I’ve included some

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