EST. 2012

Navy/ Black jacket, Shirt with green and sky blue stripes, maroon w/ green tie, PS in very light faded pink, camel chinos
Submitted by Timothy

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So, what do you think?

  1. Thomas Says:

    Looks like good beer drinking weather. I dig that shirt.

  2. Bespoke Says:

    Great look as always…good to have you back!is that a ralph lauren tie?

  3. Sherlock Says:

    Yes good to see you back. Another smart casual outfit with a more relaxed feel for the warmer months ahead.

  4. Nate Says:

    That moustache is off the HOOK! Hair and sunnies look great.

    Bit of a collar gap, but knowing your attention to detail, that’s because you’re sitting down, rather than because the jacket doesn’t fit right?

  5. Diego Says:

    Good to see you again Timothy. IMHO, the thickness of the lines on the shirt and jacket are too close in weight. A solid navy jacket or a solid light blue shirt would take this otherwise lovely ensemble to the next level.

  6. Timothy Says:

    Thank you guys!! Yes, I have been flying under the radar a little these last few weeks:)

    @Thomas, indeed!!! late lunch and bear in the sun with a panoramic view. what could be better? (I could kick myself for not having the view in that pic >.< )

    @Bespoke, no, tie is Fiorio Milano (I really like their ties. always interesting, but less obnoxious colours than Ralph Lauren – which I like as well at times)

    @Sherlock, well, the jacket may be a bit thick, but I'm trying to get a few last wears out of my thicker fabrics and flannels etc. before summer has properly arrived:)

    @Nate, thank you, shaved the beard this week. You're correct, collar gap should be due to my lazy posture.

    @Diego, both recommendations would look fantastic:) personally I do not regret my decision here, but somebody on SF thought the shirt is too formal for this outfit for what it's worth…

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