EST. 2012

Jacket: Mattia Lombardo Bespoke Napoli
Trousers: PT01
Shoes:ES Handemade Firenze
Submitted by Gigi Di Simio

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So, what do you think?

  1. Brotha Says:

    Bravo, bravissimo! 5*

  2. Gigi Says:

    Thanks Brotha!!!!

  3. Pavel Says:

    Perfect classic look!

  4. J. B. Goodman Says:

    You look like a Mediterranean Kennedy. Thanks for showing us how to wear white trousers.

  5. Style Master Says:

    I’d say lose the white buttons in favor of some dark horn, after that its a pretty flawless look.

  6. Nate Says:

    It’s a rare 5 stars from me.

  7. J. B. Goodman Says:

    @StyleMaster Your comment is irrelevant. Of course he could have worn darker/lighter shoes, a more textured tie, a real lapel pin, but you are missing the point. He used what was available to him to put this great outfit together.

  8. Dr. StrangeLove Says:

    @ j.B… to be an irrelevant commentary it has caused a deep impact on you.

  9. J. B. Goodman Says:

    @Dr. StrangeLove I’m sorry, I don’t understand your subpar English.

  10. Gigi Says:

    Among the many ties that i own, i decided to wear one navy blue because i believe would not look good with the checked shirt, any other type of tie with drawings.
    As for the shoes i could also wear a dark brown double monk always suede, otherwise the tassel loafers dove-colored, but i preferred the honey color that i believe is fine for summer.

  11. J.B. Goodman Says:

    Lord Gigi, my point was that all those choices are trivial; your outfit is
    amazing and unique.

  12. maerten Says:

    Great look, Gigi!

  13. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    Clean and chic, Gigi. 5* from me.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    @J.B. Goodman: If his jacket is bespoke (if you even know what that means) and his shoes are handmade, then obviously he is not just “using what is available”.

  15. Le Baron Says:

    @J. B. Goodman Rude and either trying to insult people or really slow understanding quick notes. or both.

  16. J. B. Goodman Says:

    @Anon you missed the point.

  17. Dr. StrangeLove Says:

    @ j.B.

    How would you word it, in your excellent mastership of the English Language?

    I just meant that you sounded like a silly and afraid little man trying to make a big impression (which you do not). As American would say, punching above your weight*

    *: punch above your weight. To be in a situation that requires powers or abilities that one does not possess.

  18. J. B. Goodman Says:


  19. Dr. StrangeLove Says:

    @ j.B. Ignorance** is a bitch!

    mas·ter·ship [mas-ter-ship, mah-ster-] Show IPA noun
    1.the office, function, or authority of a master.
    2.control; command: to have mastership over one’s desires.
    3.mastery, as of a subject. skill or knowledge: He played with the mastership of a devoted musician.

  20. J. B. Goodman Says:

    I guess monkeys can type words into a computer. You just proved my point; mastership can, but must not, substitute the more appropriate “mastery”.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Wtf!? You two girls get each other’s numbers and argue somewhere else!
    Well done Gigi!

  22. Dr. StrangeLove Says:

    @ j.B. You guessed wrong. Monkeys can type letters and other alpha-numeric characters that by mere coincidence can resemble words, as your words can resemble logical arguments…but here coincidence never occurs. I am afraid, that Aristophanes’ famous quote is starting to seem quite “relevant” for you my dear friend…

    @Anonymous. Why would you break in the middle of a discussion insulting both of us and telling us what to do? I find that quite rude.

  23. Mr. Red Says:

    Love the the outfit especially the white buttons on the jacket!

  24. Mr. Red Says:

    Great stuff !!!

  25. Gigi Di Simio Says:

    Thanks to all!!!!!!!

  26. Anonymous Says:

    @drnobed…. Twat

  27. Timothy Says:

    Lovely outfit Gigi!! 5* from me buddy:D

    Sidenote: Do I like white buttons, not really. But I happen to own a linen jacket with cream buttons and elbow patches that I wouldn’t necessarily buy again but I do wear it since I own it. Gigi is clearly a good dresser. Nobody in the streets would criticise this outfit even if he could have gone with darker loafers or a light blue or perhaps even light pink gingham shirt. That is what this is about. Well executed outfit Gigi, congrats!

  28. gigi di simio Says:

    Thanks Timothy, I purposely wore the shoes honey-colored . I had the blu mocassin but I considered that it was an combination not original .
    To wear a pink shirt is a nice variation as possible but in this case i preferred to focus everything on the blue one that is my favorite color. In the summer, I really like the clear buttons!!
    Greetings Gigi

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