EST. 2012

Canali Blazer
Polo Shirt
Vintage Fedora
Handmade Lapel Pin
Swatch Watch
Hugo Boss Trousers
Handmade Friendship Bracelet
Paisley Pocket Square

Submitted by SinaGhomeshi

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So, what do you think?

  1. Dualleh Says:

    I like this alot man! U dont allways have to wear a tie:)) The polo is a great choice. I have the same taste in the summmer:) What kind of shoes are u wearing? Great post man:))

  2. amirbabak the Persian Says:

    You look stunning Persian man. Three thumbs up!

  3. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    Nice hat, polo, & that belt is fantastic.

    i think you can shorten sleeves an inch to show off watch & bracelets a little better though.

    Trousers look like a good fit too.

  4. Sherlock Says:

    Friendship bracelet. Ooooooo!

  5. SinaGhomeshi Says:

    Thanks guys

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