EST. 2012

Another display of one my favorite waistcoats
Submitted by AKIL M.

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So, what do you think?

  1. Thomas Says:

    From the waist up it’s good. From the waist down it’s bad. The cut of the denim is really, really bad. Makes it look like you’re wearing double monk water-skis. Ditch the denim for some wool trousers and it’ll transform this outfit into something spectacular.

  2. Diego Says:

    I think the denim works well here. Not too skinny, legs rolled up in a nice subtle way (no sausage rolls here), and most importantly, the right shade of blue (dark with no signs of distress). The double monks need to be shown off as they are beautiful and compliment the vest he’s wearing… hell, I’d wear those in my underwear around the house if I had a pair.

  3. Brotha Says:

    I’m not a big fan of waistcoat wearing on its own but I quite like it. I would only shorten the jeans – I don’t like so many wrinkles above shoes.

  4. Nate Says:

    Maybe the jeans are a bit low-rise. But apart from that, all good. Beautiful waistcoat. This guy challenges Wes from TSB for the position of Thrift King!

  5. Tom Says:

    Great waistcoat! Just my kind of style! Would look even better with dark suit pants though.

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