EST. 2012

Jacket: zara, jeans: Massimo Dutti, shirt: tailored, shoes: Magnanni, watch: Panerai, tie: Topman
Submitted by Rick

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So, what do you think?

  1. Nate Says:

    Welcome aboard. I like it. I’m not sure whether it’s the awkward way you’re holding your arms, but the jacket looks a touch snug here. Nearly great fit, but not quite. Jeans are also a bit skinny for my tastes. Pretty good first post though.

  2. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    @Nate Good colors and not-so-good material aside, I wonder why Zara’s blazers are way too slim. Layering with them is almost impossible.

  3. Rick Says:

    Yeah thats true the jackets are always on the small size, this one actually fits good but you cant wear it eith a sweater or anything

  4. Owen Says:

    @ Amirbabak I’ll second that. Even if I go a size up in Zara, the armholes are always ridiculously tight.

  5. Feryll Says:

    I hate zara. The quality is mediocre at best and they have way too snug designs.

  6. Thomas Says:

    I appreciate the fact that you submitted a pic but there’s all kinds of wrong here~

    First, look at your outfit and ask yourself, “What message am I trying to send with THIS outfit?”, because the message(s) I’m getting are~
    1. You don’t know how to shop for clothes.
    2. You don’t know how to dress yourself.
    3. You don’t know about fit.
    4. You are very proud about your watch.

    The jacket does not fit in any way, shape or form. The sleeves are too short, the balance is wrong for your torso, the length is too short.

    The shirt sleeves are too short. The cuffs need to be at your wrist bone or just below it. We shouldn’t be able to see your watch at all when your arms are at your side like that. Showing off your watch in such a manner is unrefined. If you’re not showing off your watch, refer back to my statements about fit.

    The tie lacks shape, which gives the impression that it’s a very cheap tie/fabric.

    Finally… the jeans. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed into thinking jeans look good “with everything”, they don’t. Jeans look good when pulling weeds, panning for gold, driving a big rig etc. etc. etc.

    I like the socks, I like the shoes.

  7. Nate Says:

    I think you’re overstating it slightly Thomas! The sleeves aren’t too short. Look at his right hand. It’s just that the left one is pulled up (ok, so he really likes that watch).

    Yeah, the tie isn’t the best. The jeans may be too skinny, and could do with less fading, but I must resist your one-man war on denim!

  8. Johnn Says:

    Unfortunately, this jacket is just to small and kills the whole look.

  9. Thomas Says:

    @Nate, even if I leave the denim out of the equation the rest of my critiques still stand. His shirt cuffs are also too tight.

    The “Thom Browne look” did a lot for fashion; it got a lot of guys interested in wearing suits, now that they’re here, it’s time for them to start dressing correctly and learning the “rules”.

    Style comes from being creative WITHIN those rules. You can’t just throw on any skinny jacket/pants/shirt/tie and think you look sharp, each individual body type needs clothes that fit in a way compliments it.

    The outfit featured above betrays Ricks good looks and athletic build. He’s got a solid foundation to build on, it’s too bad this outfit is so wrong.

  10. Diego Says:

    The bad: The blazer is too small, the jeans are too tight, the tie is horrible.
    The good: The Magnannis are rocking, the socks are nice (next time do not pair with blazer, rather compliment with a different colour). A white tailored shirt is something every man should have. Nice Panerai, just keep it under the shirt sleeve and let it peak out from time to time.
    The conclusion: Thomas woke up a little too grumpy today. Last night he dreamt he was back in the 70s wearing raw denim from head to toe, long hair and a beard : )

  11. Thomas Says:

    @Diego~ haha! I think you’re probably right! The sad thing is, the older I get the more I think the 70′s was a great fashion decade; Bryan Ferry, James Garner, Michael Douglas, Bowie…

  12. marcoTHEtailor Says:


    rules are rules but rules also evolve over time.

    I bet the 1st man that wore his bottom button of his 2 button jacket unbuttoned was lambasted by his peers. Now WE ALL DRESS LIKE THAT.

    cuffs are actually supposed to fit like that. its a personal pet peeve when i can see damn near up to a mans forearm even though his cuffs are buttoned (loose cuffs). most men dont pay attn to the wrists when they go to their tailor.

    also shirt & jacket sleeve lengths are fine. how much shirt cuff you flash is a PERSONAL choice. anywhere from .5″ – 2.0″ are acceptable.

    the jacket is intentionally short, which was a heavy FASHION TREND for past 3-5 years. So stores like ZARA, Topman, H&M, etc are going to be made for that specific trend. Longer Fits are coming back in style so the stores will adjust accordingly.

    outfit is fine but……

    id say size up when you shop for jackets @ Zara.
    wear a smaller collared shirt when lapels are narrow.
    switch the tie.

  13. Thomas Says:

    @Marco, I disagree. Rules are rules, it’s trends that come and go. Shirt cuffs should never leave a mans watch stranded as seen in the pic above. The watch is worn ABOVE the wrist bone, the shirt cuff should land at or just below, we should only see the watch peeking out. Unless of course you happen to be Gianni Agnelli, then you can wear the watch ON the shirt cuff. The general rule is 1/4 to 1/2 inch of cuff extending from the jacket.

    I get that the jacket is intentionally short, but keep in mind that trends come and go because they are perpetuated by the industry to generate more sales. If you’re seeing a trend on the rack at H&M or on the pages of GQ, it’s already on it’s way out. Which means the gent in the pic will be buying new suits and sport coats or risk looking seriously out of touch with the current trend.

    That’s why so many people buy the “cheap stuff” at Zara, Topman, H&M. If people spent proper money on their clothes they’d put more thought into how they look and whether or not the current trend has any substance. (It doesn’t)

    OK, rant over.

  14. Diego Says:

    Regardless of trends and rules, we should always wear clothes that fit our bodies well, garments that work with our frames and enhance our overall presence. This guy fail to do that the minute he put on this jacket.

  15. Funkateer Says:

  16. Jake Says:

    @Thomas is just a hater man. There is constructive criticism, and then there is just being a dick. I’m sure we can all agree what category @Thomas fits into. @Thomas do you ever submit any looks on here? Or do you just bitch about other people? I agree with most of your points about the fit and overall look, but you don’t need to attack the guy with a bunch of rude comments. I can’t believe you have the nerve to call the mans look unrefined after posting on this forum in that manner.

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