EST. 2012

MTM DB suit by talented Persian designer Masihzad. Follow him @masihzad_showroom
Submitted by Amirbabak The Persian

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So, what do you think?

  1. Nate Says:

    Looks great Amir. He’s done a good job. I like the pocket square too

  2. Stephen Says:

    You’ve come a long way good sir! 5*

  3. maerten Says:

    Nice suit, Amir! Love the lapels and fit. Would love to see a better picture of the fabric :)

  4. Brotha Says:

    Very good. My only criticism would be slim pants that are a bit long and out of balance against pointed shoes and DB jacket. Is there a waistcoat under the jacket?
    Overall great look!

  5. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    @Nate @Stephen @Maerten Brotha I am happy you liked it gentlemen. Actually it is far better than how it looks in this photo which was taken hastily. Good to hear from you guise!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Very nice Amirbabak!! 5*

  7. Bespoke Says:

    your style has really evolved! I would personally have less of a trouser break but this is seriously your best look and what a great look it is!

  8. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    @Anonymous @Bespoke Gents, I am flattered.

  9. noCountry4FreeMan Says:

    I love DB suits, but I would prefer this suit to have different pockets. And maybe slightly shorter trousers. But overall is a good set. Oh and last thing, maybe different buttons, darker ones ( I believe you tried different combinations before deciding to go with the current ones)? Keep posting Amirbabak!

  10. Mr. Red Says:

    Great to see u come back and hit a home

  11. Mr. Red Says:

    Maybe less break in the pants but not Thom Browne style!

  12. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    @noCountry4FreeMan Good to hear from you, my man. I see your point there. I shouldda gone for patch pockets. The reason why I opted for contrasting buttons was to sometimes wear the jacket as a separate with chinos or denim. The good thing is buttons are always replaceable. In respect of the trousers well it’s pretty much about where I live. Personally I prefer shorter /no break ones but down here they are not the best choice for work. I’d appreciate your constructive comment

  13. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    @Mr.Red Now I am convinced I need to have the pants shortened a bit. Thanks for the comment. Be good

  14. Quiin Says:

    Pants are too long and the breaks are unacceptable

  15. Dr. StrangeLove Says:

    a bit boring!

    Pants are too long and shapeless. However, I like the colour and length of the jacket.

  16. Mr. Red Says:

    I’m very happy with all the great progress !!!

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