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Submitted by Thomas

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So, what do you think?

  1. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate you on your first post rating 5. Great flawless look. The fabric of the blazer is just beautiful. The only thing I don’t like is you having blacked your eyes.

  2. Bespoke Says:

    This looks great!superb jacket fit and nice tie and penny loafers…I didn’t expect any less….I look forward to you wearing some denim in your next submit ;-)

  3. Tizi Says:

    Everything┬┤s horrible except the phone suit case

  4. Wieczorek Says:

    Your jacket’s button stance is too low. Having it a couple cm higher would turn this look into 5 star one (even though I’m not a fan of full break trousers). Lovely tweed and beautiful watch.

  5. Diego Says:

    I know you wore those loafers including the pennies just for me, hahaha. Great first post Thomas, keep them coming!

  6. Jack Says:

    Beautiful tie. As for the trouser break,I think everyone has their own opinion and way in which they feel most comfortable with. I personally like no break, but each to their own!

    Also Thomas, about the bare breast pocket; did you not find a pocket square necessary on a fabric as complicated as your jacket tweed?

  7. Sherlock Says:

    Very smart. Nice touch with the penny in the right shoe.

  8. Nate Says:

    Solid Thomas. The colour and texture of that jacket are beautiful. Harris Tweed, am I right?

    The fit is good, if a little generous for my taste.

    Love the shoes, don’t like the tie.

    Good first post. Keep them coming.

    Plus you look a bit like my dad, so now I love you a little bit!

  9. Blaham Says:

    Beautiful jacket-shirt-tie combo. Trousers are longer than I would have liked. Jacket could go in a bit in the sides.

  10. Rick Says:

    I like the tweed, but i have the idea the whole outfit could be a little smaller everything looks a tad loose.
    The loafers are nice

  11. Mr Dan Says:

    Splendid Thomas, now I can see why you’re so hard on your comments I can see you like perfection

  12. Thomas Says:

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone, I also appreciate all the helpful suggestions.
    @Tizi, the phone case is BURTON x SPECK.
    @Wieczorek, the top button is very low compared to what is currently fashionable, the sport coat was made in the late 1970′s, I figure it’s only a matter of time before it’s back in style again. lol. The nice thing about a low top button it gives the appearance that I’m taller than I actually am. I’m also not a fan of the full break look but these trousers are off the rack without alterations. I much prefer a slight break.
    @Diego, lol, I wanted to take the pennies out as I’m probably getting to old for them but my
    girlfriend convinced me to leave them in.
    @Jack, I think the coarse tweed might be a bit too casual for a silk pocket square, but I might be wrong. Also, none of my pocket squares were complimentary in color.
    @Nate, thank you! A lot of people ask if it’s Harris Tweed but it’s not. I have a bit of a belly so if I go any slimmer in fit it’s noticeable. Your Dad sounds like a very dapper, handsome man. lol
    Again, thank you all for being so kind with your comments.

  13. Monsieur Figaro Says:

    Trousers and jacket seem too long (the cut looks outdated). I would have chosen a more subtle tie and perhaps a ps…but it sort of works.

    The watch is fantastic! Simple and nice combination of colours.

    I was expecting a more modern take on fashion from your acute commentaries.

  14. Le Baron Says:


    “you look a bit like my dad, so now I love you a little bit!”

    WTF!!! You think this is an ancient Greece public bath or what!!!

  15. Thomas Says:

    @MonsieurFigaro, thank you, the watch belonged to my father. You are correct, the fit/cut is a definitely dated, available resources ($) dictate where I shop. The blazer was $10.99 and the tie $4.99 from my local charity shop. It also helps that my style icons are the Duke of Windsor, Prince Charles and Jim Rockford.

  16. Nate Says:

    @le baron lmao Hey you’re the one who went all erotic! Love has many forms!

    @Thomas nah he’s a mess ;-)

  17. Chrys Says:

    The trousers are a bit too long and wide to be worn with penny loafers. Go for trousers that are slightly more tapered (not skinny, just slightly tapered) and show the ankle/sock (penny loafers are meant to allow the sock to peak out just a bit ). Think 60′s JFK. Would have liked to have seen your Pringle of Scotland socks. Great find on the tweed jacket, but it’s a bit long and does not have a shape. Always best to select a jacket with shape to it even if it’s vintage, so as to update the style or simply have it tailored. It’s better to have a jacket fit well, than to cover up a bit of a belly. The tie matches too much with the jacket. Although I see that you have a subdued conservative style (as per your style icons), I would switch the tie for a dark burgundy tie (with or without sporadic white dots on it) in mohair or wool, perhaps in a heather knit. The vintage watch is a great addition. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

  18. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    Hey, welcome to the party old sport.

    the beauty of that jacket is the subtlety. What a great tweed.

    i know you’re a fan of the fuller cut, but i think have tailor take in sides (above ribs only) & shoulders. Both 1/2 an inch on each side. $40-100 for everything tops. very minor but will make a huge difference visually. will expand your upper torso & narrow lower torso. jacket wont feel any closer.

    pants look fine to me.

    i actually like tie but not with this outfit. thick wool or a knitted tie would’ve been my choice.

  19. ididyourmotherraw^^^ Says:

    what can i say? oh i know! bad dressing man bad dressing!

  20. Timothy Says:

    Congrats to your first post Thomas!

    Wouldn’t have noticed the pennies if nobody had mentioned them, but they’re a real nice touch.

    I like the tie too, but not with this jacket although all the colours seem to match perfectly. Perhaps that’s the reason.

    As for the fit, it’s a generation thing. If you’re older you’re bound to have a few things in your wardrobe that aren’t entirely contemporary. The jacket is vintage after all.

    Quick question: Do you think a tattersall check shirt should always be a button down or can I also go for a cutaway collar? I see you are wearing a button down and tie here. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I just think that button downs look nicest worn tieless with an open collar and cutaways look nicest with a tie and am therefore in a bit of pickle. Is a tattersall check shirt too casual for a spread collar & tie?

  21. Thomas Says:

    Thanks for the compliments Timothy. I can see now that the tie fabric was incorrect for the tweed sportcoat. I chose it based on the colors being fairly alike. As far as fit/cut goes, I work in San Francisco’s Financial District. In a sea of slim fit suits, I’m quite happy to stand out from everyone else.

    In regards to your Tattersall Check Spread Collar Shirt, traditionally Tattersall was worn in the country, but, as long as it’s Broadcloth or Oxford it’s perfectly fine for business or city wear. I think it’s very smart looking when worn with a suit. It has what I call a “London” look about it.

    Try it out and post a pic.

  22. Timothy Says:

    Haha, I see what you mean. Never been to San Francisco unfortunately, only in transit.

    Thank you for your reply. Pardon, I forgot to mention that it’s a flannel tattersall check fabric. I’ve actually already placed the order and because I really like this type of shirt for casual wear and because of its country nature I went with a button down configuration and a standard placket (I normally get shirts without plackets). But for future reference and being able to wear this type of shirt with a suit and tie I was wondering if a flannel tattersall with cutaway collar would be ok?

  23. Thomas Says:

    According to one of my reference books, flannel and gabardine are only for the countryside or spectator sports. I’m quite sure though that 99% of the people you meet won’t know or care so I’m sure it’ll be fine.

  24. Timothy Says:

    That’s definitely true, haha, thank you.

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