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Field jacket in olive green is the way to go this spring.
Wearing it together with cashmere tie by Drakes, merino wool beige cardigan, extreme cutaway soft collar shirt and jeans
Submitted by Blueloafers

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So, what do you think?

  1. Timothy Says:

    lovely tie and I like the mix of colours.
    very unfortunate we can’t see the whole outfit…

  2. Blueloafers Says:

    @Timothy: thanks! I think the jackets colour does all the job. The post featuring this look will be published on my website soon. You’ll see the whole outfit ;)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yes I agree, however I will be checking out your website. Where is this jacket from? I’m looking for one just like this one. Thanks

  4. Blueloafers Says:

    Thanks Anonymous, the jacket is from Marks & Spencer surprisingly. However I have only found it in the Oxford St store in London

  5. Amirbabak The Persian Says:

    @Blueloafers Was just checking out your blog. Very nice! I liked the outfits you have gone for. Exactly my taste. I also enjoyed reading the interview with Saman Amel. Is he by any originally Iranian?

    Looking forward to seeing your future posts.

  6. Nate Says:

    Beautiful tie

  7. Blueloafers Says:

    @Amirbabak: Hi Amir, thank you for your kind words, very much appreciated. It is nice you find my blog interesting. As far as I know he is Swedish although I am not sure where his family is from.

    @Nate: Thank you very much. The cashmere is really nice and love to wear it during winter time

  8. xi dong Says:

    How do you guys even post on this site?

  9. Thomas Says:

    A military jacket, tie and white dress shirt is good for 4.28 stars? Really?

  10. Michael Says:

    Yes it’s worth 4.28 at least. It ain’t about the breakdown of the pieces. The whole flow works seamlessly. That’s the whole point. Colours, textures, look. Bingo. Like it

  11. Thomas Says:

    It’s a white dress shirt with a tie… It can be paired with ANYTHING and it’ll work. It’s a bit “safe”, 2.5 stars at best.
    Amateur Hour on Trashness I guess.

  12. Blueloafers Says:

    @Thomas: Tie is made of cashmere, clearly has a visible texture. Shirt has an extreme cutaway soft collar (unlined and unfused) making it much more casual than it seems. There is a cardigan as well together with the cotton military jacket.
    It can be paired with anything yet not so many guys do that in an interesting way, don’t they?

    @Michael: Totally agree!

    @xi dong: What is your point? How do you even check on this website then?

  13. Thomas Says:

    @Blueloafers, it’s a decent outfit, I’m not saying anything bad about it, I just can’t believe how excited everyone is about a white shirt and tie with an army jacket.

  14. Blueloafers Says:

    Here is the link to the full outfit:

    Timothy asked for it in the first comment

  15. Corpein Says:

    @Blueloafers,I have visit your blog, congratulations.
    About this look I agree with you, maybe it’s simple but not everybody can make simple attractive.

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