EST. 2012

Southern Gentlemen
Submitted by Brandon

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So, what do you think?

  1. xi dong Says:

    get thyself a tailor! that suit looks cheap!

  2. Nate Says:

    Xi, you’re like the Chinese cam. But not funny.

    Love the suit man. Would go slimmer myself, but it works for you. Not feeling the socks, but small detail. Always like what you do.

  3. Shawn Says:

    Everything looks good, but I’d just have the trousers 1 inch longer. To touch the vamp of the shoes, but without any break! And I’d make the sleeves half an inch shorter. And, nitpicking, no tie bar is necessary with a waistcoat! But without any doubt, this is one of the good looks we’ve had here recently, no “sprezz”, no “steez”, or tacky anything.

  4. Tolstroy Says:

    This guy always looks sharp. I don’t know that I’m brave enough though to wear my pants that short. Looks good on others though, but what do I know.

  5. Bethlaham Says:

    Shawn, I hear where you’re coming from because the “functionality” of the tie clip is arguably lost when you have a waistcoat or cardigan, but from a style perspective I respectfully disagree. I still think it appears stylish as an accessory. If pants fit properly, a belt should never be needed to actually hold it up, and yet we still wear belts as a fashion accessory. Nobody takes their pocket square out to blow their nose in it or wipe the sweat off their brow, but we still wear them for stylish effect. I view the tie clip the same way, and I think that’s why you will see manikins at Barneys and Zaks with the same look, and you’ll see it in lookbooks and advertisements as well (I’ve seen this done in campaigns by Etro and Suit Supply)

  6. Fem Says:

    Very nice 3piece.
    Only thing I don’t think there should be a tie clip on a 3piece
    Nice tie too.
    xi dong doesn’t know what he’s saying
    there’s no 3 piece in the market that’s cheap

  7. Bespoke Says:

    Good look….liking the fuller fit on you! Great jacket fit.

  8. Thomas Says:

    This look is SPOT ON.
    Perfect! I wouldnt change a thing.
    xi dung is a straight up racist. Ignore him.

  9. Poimandres Says:

    Shorter pants only looks good for slim man

  10. Timothy Says:

    I like Brandon’s outfits because they’re always very personal. Wouldn’t wear them the same way myself but I like his consistency.
    I occasionaly like the fuller fit too, but am I the only one who feels this would look better if the jacket were maybe 1.75-2 inches shorter and ended at the knuckles?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Boooooo hssssss booooo

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