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Submitted by Wale S.

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So, what do you think?

  1. Onetimetolive Says:

    Im normally an advocate of no belt but other than that this is dopetastic! Love that MB x Uniqlo shirt.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Stellar! 5 stars.

  3. Bespoke Says:

    I would maybe change the belt but bang on fit and look otherwise! Great shoes too!!

  4. K2 Says:

    Wow, that shirt looks wicked. I would hate to jock your style, but must ask from where??? Uniqlo as noted above???

    Is that a full suit – I cant tell because of the display on my tablet.

  5. Walé Says:

    Thanks gentlemen.

    @Bespoke & @Onetimetolive: I’m always interested in perspectives as I’m a big fan of diversity of thought. What style/color belt would you pair with something like this?

    @K2: Yep the Michael Bastian x Uniqlo collaboration. Wasn’t the initial color I was after, but I always seem to log on late and end up grabbing whatever’s left in my size that looks appealing. Turned out not too badly this go as I rather like the popover styling on this.

  6. Bespoke Says:

    @Wale….I would probably go belt-less with this particular outfit so that there is a nice clean flow from top to bottom but if I were to wear a belt, I would match the loafers to break up the top and bottom half a bit. two completely opposite ways of looking at it. another nice take on it would be dark brown leather tassel loafers with matching belt for a nice contrast between suit and accessories. however, the belt you have chose is by no means a bad choice at all and these are just my opinions. I really like this look and also how you experiment with different looks and styles in general.

  7. maerten Says:

    Lovely summer look! Well done, Wale.

  8. Timothy Says:

    Cool shirt wale!

    Not to jack your post, but I’m having some trouble submitting a fit. Either I have forgotten how to submit since I’ve been inactive for a while, or Trashness no longer likes my stuff?! Gave it three tries:-/
    What goes in the URL box?

  9. Brotha Says:

    I agree with @Bespoke’s comment. I would add some contrast with dark brown shoes and belt but it still looks very good.
    I have impression that this kind of shirts emphasizes belly hence I don’t have any but it looks pretty awesome here. Need to try them again.

  10. ac Says:

    love everything except the belt and the pocket square could be better. as for the popover, i’m sorry but you gotta have a flat stomach or it just doesn’t look right …

  11. MoPhatNewYork Says:

    I like this look. The Michael Bastian/Uniglo collaboration produced a few very nice shirts, although I never saw the one you’re wearing in the New York stores. I’m quite a shoe-head so I’d agree with one of the comments that suggested a darker color. Contrary to another comment, I wouldn’t go without a belt. In my opinion, belt-less would make the belt loops look lonely. Overall great look. I gave it 4 stars.

  12. Michael D Says:

    that’s a good look

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