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Via Turkey
Submitted by Alican Aysın

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So, what do you think?

  1. amin Says:

    Whether good or bad, you clearly have ‘your own style’ which is why we like to publish this post. Perhaps it’s still in development, perhaps some things are up for discussion, but that’s always the case.

  2. giorgio Says:

    hmm, the red jacket is unnecessary, but the rest of them seem to fit well. maybe in a slightly smaller size. good effort though.

  3. Nate Says:

    I don’t get this guy’s style. Sorry, I just don’t. He can combine colours and textures well, but then just make some basic errors. I mean, the coat is too short to cover the jacket. His collar in the bottom right hand pic is all over the place, and the jacket is just too big for him.

    I feel like I am picking on him. Am I missing something?!

  4. Alican Aysın Says:

    I dont like reply to comments but Sometimes I’m crazy against reviews! Hey Nate, I accept all your critics but this is not! ” jacket is too big for him”

  5. Nate Says:

    Thanks for your response. I am not trying to have a go, just understand your style. In my opinion your jackets are usually too big for you. Look at the sleeve length in this pick. I wouldn’t say that’s a great fit. Just my opinion.
    I don’t think it’s all bad though! I would just make a few tweaks to take it from good to great. Well done for putting yourself out there.

  6. Thomas Says:

    It appears as though the gentleman in the photos is doing the best he can with what he has. I can see what he is trying to put together in this outfit but the FIT is all wrong. I’ve seen his shirt (or one VERY much like it) in an earlier posting. The shirt is far to big for him in the collar and yet there’s not enough collar to look good with a tie. The tie knot isn’t right. The double breasted jacket doesn’t fit right either, look where the buttons are aligned with the tie. The wool trucker/lumberjack jacket is wrong for this outfit.

    The more time I spend looking at this outfit, the more it looks like he slept in it. Is it just me or does it look all twisted on his body?

    If Alican could find clothes that fit him, he’d do great.

  7. Amirbabak Says:

    I see Amin’s point about you having your own style. However, I believe this your “own style” of yours kindda conflicts with everyday life STYLE. I fail to understand what the function of the top red jacket is. Is it supposed to make you feel warmer or what? Frankly speaking you seem to want to flash your clothes; they don’t come out naturally. And honestly, the jacket, which is beautiful navy db, is big on you. the shirt is also not the right size. look at the collar.

    Having said all above, I respect your enthusiasm for menswear.

  8. KEVIN Says:

    Guys, comon, honestly you cannot tell anyone what is right or wrong because in the end it is no rules when it comes to menswear. Stop beeing mean, instead you can come up with suggestions like “I think it would be more nice if…” But stop telling him what is wrong or right on him. Maybe he wants/prefers the arm sleeves to be that long?

    Peace out

  9. M Says:

    @Nate, the db is too big for him.
    @Thomas, it does look twisted on his body.

    @Alican, please take these guy’s advice for granted and go to a tailor. I’m usually not the guy with the harsh comments and while I’m somewhat okay with the combinations you try to pull off, the fit is where your whole outfit goes down the drain. You say this is not a case of a jacket “that’s too big”, well, it is. If you fail to see that, take the abundance of comments you get on your submitted pictures and learn from them. You obviously know what to combine to look trendy, now show us an outfit with a proper fit and we’ll all be happy.

  10. Nate Says:

    @Kevin – well, there are commonly-accepted rules. Ok, these can be broken, but to be honest, not many can pull that off. For mere mortals, adhering to some simple guidelines (if you don’t want to call them rules) will transform the way most people look. Once you’ve nailed that, go ahead and bend the rules. But don’t run before you can walk (and I include myself in that).

    @Alican – I’m not hating, honestly. It is meant to be constructive feedback. Like I said before, I respect you for putting yourself out there. I will post myself one day, when I get a decent camera and a friend who won’t mind taking pictures of me posing! Then you can lay into me! Haha

  11. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    I don’t know Mr. Aysin…….maybe your FIT is done on purpose, but you’re never going to get praise for it here. (which, lets be honest, is the main reason to even post a pic of yourself).

    There are blogs that are more geared toward FASHION. As previously stated, this blog (at the moment) seems to be more geared toward STYLE. You’re very FASHIONABLE (not at all a term of disrespect), so your choices would be more appreciated on those ones.

    Just seems like by consistently posting on this site & having the same “arguments” you’re trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

  12. marcoTHEtailor Says:

    @ kevin…..check the first 3-4 posts of this guys pics…Ppl on here aren’t being “mean” they’re giving exact reasons why something looks off or just isn’t flattering.

  13. Alican Aysın Says:

    Thanks for good advice @marcoTHEtailor I respect your advice and comments. I look that photos totally but of course who some make mistake. But some comments are foolish unfortunately. thanks again your advice..

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