EST. 2012

No matter how nice your pictures are or how cool your look is. There are some people who will never hit the correct button just because it’s you.

Pursue your distinctions To be An exception.
Submitted by Ottavio Simonetti

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So, what do you think?

  1. John Darko Says:

    Sir, your style put aside, I don’t think that sentences like these are doing you any favor. In fact, I think it is coming close to masochism.

  2. noCountry4FreeMan Says:

    Why so much hate? I like everything apart the socks and shoes. Arrivederci!

  3. Thomas Says:

    @Otto, trolls and haters are everywhere, realize they are envious of you courage and style and you’ll soon take pleasure from their harsh words, knowing that it’s confirmation that you are doing everything right!

  4. Theodore Says:

    Don’t cry, you dress well :)

  5. Timothy Says:

    I like it, the socks not so much though. Nice jacket!

  6. Rafael Says:

    Whole look is great, cheers!

  7. Steven Says:

    I’ve seen him hate on others too..stop whining.. if your outfit looks good you will get love.. if not peeps will let you know whats up.. this outfit for instance is probably the best Ive seen you post apart from the watch over the shirt cuff thing (makes the outfit look very affected) and the too many wrist bracelets looks really solid. So for once I can give you props on the outfit even though Ill take some of those props away for the shitty attitude..

  8. TT Says:

    I like the apple so much!! Just kidding, dude. I like the entire outfit but the shoes, not my style but just my point of view.

  9. Diego Says:

    I like the whole thing, except for the watch over the cuff. That only works for those whose last name is Agnelli : )

  10. M Says:

    Look man, haters gonna hate, BUT, if your overall score is as low as yours frequently is, the populace here is trying to tell you something. You have two choices, either take the criticism and improve your style, or, continue to live in your fantasy world where you think everyone else is wrong and you are right.

  11. Mr. Hotshot Says:

    Like your sayings, the rest sucks

  12. mano Says:

    nice jacket

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