EST. 2012

suit: tailor made
watch: SEIKO 5

Submitted by MIKE MOSHA

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So, what do you think?

  1. Thomas Says:

    Looks good, can’t see anything to complain about here.

  2. Steven Says:

    I can. The vest is too short. The vest on a three piece should never show the belt buckle, traditionally. Other than that, its okay

  3. Thomas Says:

    @Steven, good eye. Perhaps suspenders would be a better option.

  4. dboy Says:

    ok look…shirt collar looks funny…yeah and that belt has got to go. Hanging watch thing is also not too appealing.

    Suit looks good though!

    Keep it up man…

  5. PeterdH Says:

    Guessing the shoulders are a bit wide, but that could be intentional. Vest seems a bit roomy. Otherwise cool suit. Do I spot a T-shirt showing underneath your shirt (I’m not a 100% sure there)? That’d be something I’d change.

  6. Mike Mosha Says:

    Thank you everyone. @steven the tailor asked me if the vest should be longer and i said no without know it was a tradition that it should hide the belt.
    @dboy it’s a shirt from next it has this weird buttoning mechanism and the belt truly has got to go it was handed down from my dad, the watch is not hanging but seems it.
    @peterdh I gave the tail ra stink eye when I saw the shoulders, but it’s okay fits well
    @thomas THANK YOU,

  7. Mike Says:

    Nice look man. I visited Tanzania a few times and man! I could not imagine a honky like me ever wearing a THREE piece suit in that climate lol!

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