EST. 2012

Double herringbone

Double herringbone vest jacket

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So, what do you think?

  1. Nate Says:

    This guy owns some beautiful jackets.

  2. maerten Says:

    @nate true!

  3. Fem Says:

    Nice textures, but a bit too complex.

  4. M Says:

    High(er) rise trousers suit a gentlemen 10x better than those skinny, low rise chino/denims you see everyday. This gent was a bit off with the tartan combo a couple of days ago, but this “wiwt” outfit is spot on again!

    I’m surprised at how the brown tie/ps contrasts as much as it does considering his skin color, white shirts ftw :)

  5. Nate Says:

    @Fem – I disagree. There is a lot of texture going on, but the fact that he has kept the colour palette very neutral means that it works just right imo. It’s the textures and details that turn this from a boring outfit, into a very interesting one.

  6. Christian Says:

    Looks off with cotton trousers.

  7. Diego Says:

    When I look at this I feel it’s 1982 again.

  8. Thomas Says:

    The coat and vest are beautiful but I don’t think they work well together and the pants and coat colors are too similar.

  9. Daniel Says:

    Superb. A tiny splash of orange or purple would work. Great look regardless

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